How to send private text messages to friends on Snapchat

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Snapchat is a multimedia messaging application developed by Snapchat inc. Today known by the acronym snap INC. It is an application through which users can add filters to your photos or videos.

How to send private text messages to friends on Snapchat

As well as sharing them through the same platform, either creating stories on Android or iOS (photographs that appear on the user's profile for 24 hours) or sharing them with other friends.

Snapchat has made a big impact in recent times, its creation 9 years ago, users around the world use its platform on a daily basis to create and share content.

How to send private text messages to my friends on Snapchat?

Due to the need that exists today to keep you connected, Snapchat has developed its messaging service where users can share photos or images of what they do on a daily basis.

In addition to this, the user has the possibility to choose the specific moment in which the person can have access to said content. If a user wishes to establish communication with another person, he can do so from the platform. Either directly, or through a direct message , known as private messages .

Users can even respond to someone else's story if they have this option enabled. In practice, the user publishes what he is doing during his day and his friends can write to him in response directly from the photograph.

Steps to send private text messages to my friends on Snapchat

Despite the ease with which we can use Snapchat, it is normal that some users are not aware of how engage in a dialogue with another friend through this application in private . But doing it is actually very simple, below I will explain step by step how to do it:

  • The first thing you should do is access the application Snapchat.
  • Once inside, you will find an icon called "chat" bottom right .
  • Snapchat has the ability to easily add all contacts registered on your mobile using the app.
  • Just swipe right to access your friends on Snapchat.
  • Tap the contact you want to send a private message to.
  • Now you just have to compose your message and click email .
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If you want to send a private message from your friend's photo, you just have to click on chat, scroll right to view the available stories of your friends, click on the story you want to reply to, write your message and send.

Snapchat today

The application comes from viewing of users of aged between i 15 no 25 Anni . Those who have expressed the idea of ​​a interactive social network which features various filters to give each photo or video a personal touch.

Filters on Snapchat are an entertainment tool, people can take pictures with various themes. In addition, these are updated daily and adapt to the personal tastes of each user, it is also possible to retrieve filters on Snapchat.

Thousands of users use the Snapchat platform every day to communicate with their friends. The popularity it has achieved today far exceeds other fairly successful applications in the digital market.

Snapchat app business success

Its commercial success is so extensive that it has even received offers for over 3 billion dollars to buy from Facebook , however Snapchat did not accept. More than 300 million images or videos are shared through the app every day. In other words, it has a greater reach in this area than Facebook itself.

The uses of the Snapchat platform are manifold, its users can interact well it is creating photographs, images, videos and not only that, they can also develop video calls and text messages so it could be said that it is quite comprehensive and useful today.

It should be noted that Snapchat has a wide range of options and features that allow users to feel comfortable using the platform. Therefore, it has become one of the most popular social networks today.

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