How to send text messages on Facebook Messenger with fire or heart effects

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Facebook Messenger is a messaging and communication application free, available for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS. Through it, the user can send and receive text messages, calls, group video calls, and it also offers live video chat experiences, like other instant messaging apps Facebook Messenger synchronizes contacts with the Smartphone to provide the user with a complete communication experience at all times.

    Facebook Messenger, the messaging app of the future?

    Previously Facebook Messenger was known as Facebook chat, however the company decides to renew its messaging service and launches as App Messenger, after several updates the company manages to separate its messaging service by forcing users to download Facebook and Facebook independently Messenger, thus becoming the application we know today.

    Facebook Messenger tries to offer the user everything in one place and that is why through recent updates it is possible interact through it from other applications like Instagram, Facebook itself (of course), Portal and Oculus (soon), not to mention that it allows users to personalize their chats via emoticons, stickers, GIFs, animated effects and chat themes with original and original colors.

    This app has also developed a ephemeral mode , the user can activate it to send messages that last until he leaves the chat, as this proposal is innovative and very useful for some users; on the other hand, it has added the “dark mode” much preferred by those who prefer to rest their eyes in the dark, all with a view to becoming one of the users' favorite instant messaging apps.

    How to activate text effects in Messenger

    Following this commitment to improve the user experience in the application, Facebook Messenger added a pack of new effects To personalize chats and make them more fun, these effects are built into the text bubbles and you can find various options such as, text with hearts, text on fire, text wrapped in a gift and decoration with circles.

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    Using these effects is really simple, you just have to enter the Facebook Messenger application, enter the chat you want and write the text you want to send, then you have to select the magnifying glass icon or search and this will show you a list with a ' preview of the available effects, if this does not happen you will have to select the effects tab, from here you just have to select the animation of your choice and press send.

    Send messages with effects in Messenger

    Put the Messenger messages on fire

    Heart effect on messages

    To send the text on fire, you just have to follow the steps described above and select the fire effect. This way, the desired message will be sent with the text on fire.Likewise, the text can be displayed on fire by both sides, both the sending and receiving user, the steps are identical if you want to send the text surrounded by hearts, the difference is that you have to select the hearts effect.

    Text with circles

    Why can't I see the effects in Messenger?

    There is a possibility that the user cannot preview these animations , this may be due to the fact that the application is outdated and does not have the latest version, it should be remembered that these functions are developing and improving with each update, that's why we invite you to keep up to date on the latest updates.

    If the user who receives the effective message does not have the latest update, it is very likely that they will see the text balloon as usual with the difference that at the end they will find a sentence similar to this: " sent with effect of (the selected effect) "

    We cannot forget to mention that for the convenience of the user this application also has its Lite version which weighs less, only 10 MB , however it should be clarified that it does not offer all the customization options described above.

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