How to set privacy and easily block or remove sharing on Facebook

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As is known, it is possible through the various social networks to share publications or any type of information in our possession. It is for this reason that it is necessary to use those security options that allow us to avoid sharing with unknown people. Fortunately, some platforms understand this danger and make mechanisms available to users to do so, so we will tell you how to configure privacy and block or remove sharing option on facebook.

How to set privacy and easily block or remove sharing on Facebook

The most popular social network in the world cannot ignore that the security and privacy of our accounts is very important. Where users do not want some data to be exposed to anyone with access to the network and hide, for example, the phone number. And Facebook has taken some measures so that the security of your information is only shared if you want to.

But another very frequent problem that occurs when using messaging applications or social networks is that we do not know how to use their different functions. But you shouldn't worry about this anymore, as in the following article we will provide you with all the help you need to be able to configure privacy and block or remove the option to share on Facebook in a very simple way.

      You have to block the Facebook share option

      Any option you can use so that both your personal information and the publications you upload to the network are protected it won't hurt. Although in the past Facebook left a lot to be desired when it came to privacy. Today we can see that it offers ideal options so that we can be a little calmer with what we upload to the platform.

      Since if we make a publication and the "Share" option is not shown in it, it will be impossible for this to happen. For while it is true that people are our friends, we do not know who their friends might be. Which we don't necessarily need to know about it, so you need to put these types to use of privacy options.

      Steps to remove or block Facebook sharing option

      So to be able to block or remove the sharing option on Facebook very simply, you will first need to log in to the social network. You can do this from your mobile device and it doesn't matter which version of Facebook you have installed or if you want to have two Facebook accounts started at the same time.

      After logging in and being in your Facebook profile, you will select the "Account" option to display a menu of options and from which you will select "Settings". You will be taken to a new window and in it you will go to the section " Check security settings " and access the option "Who can see what you share".

      In this section you will have access to all the options available to grant or deny permissions to people who visit your profile and can see your publications. But it will also be possible to indicate who can forward all the posts you upload to Facebook. Also, the scope goes a little further and you'll also be able to give permission to those people who might see or not your profile.

      It is a very interesting section that Facebook has placed in its privacy policies and the scope is such to be applicable to older publications . In this simple way you will be able to prevent the share button from appearing to your friends and they cannot use it to share it with their friends, even though you will be able to see it on your wall.

      This concludes this article where we were able to show you a very effective and easy to use privacy option. And in simple steps you have learned to configure and block or remove the Facebook sharing option.

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