How to set the time on the Windows 10 lock screen

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mainly goes noticed that Windows 10 has introduced an important feature such as the lock screen. These settings can appear when you turn on your computer or after activating the sleep screen, this lock screen performs the function of hiding the home screen or desktop.

This function works in a similar way to that of mobile devices, in the same way it is important to remember that the information can also be added to the lock screen . As the time , this information can be viewed without unlocking the computer.

It should also be noted that many users do not know how to configure the lock screen in Windows 10 to add information. For this we will explain below the steps to follow to customize it.

Steps to show the time on the Windows 10 lock screen

Knowing the weather that will be during the day is important information, for this reason we will teach you how to pin the weather application on the Windows 10 lock screen . To do this, it is enough to follow a series of steps to get a good final result.

This procedure can be done directly from Windows 10 without using a third-party application. This process can be obtained from the Windows settings.

First you need to go to the page of Windows 10 configuration and open it, once you are in that section you have to locate the option of it, it will guide you to other options where you have to select "lock screen" .

In this option you will find a variety of features we have mentioned: the background image, you can also choose from applications to show a quick status and detailed status. You can then select a switch so that the block background image is displayed over the login image.

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Likewise, you will be able to observe a variety of lock screen options, however the application you need is the one of "detailed status" .

You need to click on the application icon that your computer has installed by default. A menu with a number of options will appear and you will need to choose the application "Windows 10 Weather".

Once completed, you can find out if the setup suits you or not, you just need to lock the computer and see if the time appears on the screen.

It is important to keep in mind that on many occasions the application " weather "must be open in order to indicate the city where the user is located and in this way to be able to view the time referring to your position.

Why is it important to pin information on the lock screen?

Windows 10 Weather is an application that many users have never opened on their computers, but it is still information that can be useful.

By configuring the application on the lock screen, you will be able to observe at the bottom of the screen every time the appliance blocks the information about the weather forecast for each day and the city where you are.

Therefore, a depending on the level of customization you want, you can add information or applications from Windows itself to your computer's lock screen, as well as customize the theme and desktop background.

This is a great option, since if you're busy and need information within reach of a screenshot without having to go into your computer, you can get it by anchoring the necessary and relevant information to your lock screen. If you want, you can take a screenshot of the lock screen.

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In short, without having to unlock your computer or enter any password, you can see what you want , such as the state of the time of the day in case you have to leave in a hurry and want to know this information to be prevented.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear from you Have you been able to put the weather on the Windows 10 lock screen? Do you know of another method that allows you to perform this action? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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