How to set up and change my Windows 10 PC's screen saver

If you are enjoying the innovative system operating Windows 10 , you may have noticed that it has incorporated many elements into its interface that distinguish it from previous versions; and that you may have felt a little lost and confused trying to get used to your new surroundings. Maybe common tasks like configuring and changing the screen savers on your PC they will be difficult for you. But don't worry, it's really simple and we'll show you all the options.

How to set up and change my Windows 10 PC's screen saver

      Do we really need a screen protector?

      A while ago, when those CRT monitors existed, screen savers or screen savers, as they were formerly called, were designed to protect and avoid ghosting or ghosting on monitors, which occurred when the computer stopped being used and a screen remained on the screen still image for a long time.

      Such prolonged viewing of the same element caused spots on the monitor, and for this reason the screensaver was used to create continuously moving images.

      While we have modern monitors that don't have these problems and have a refresh rate of , screen savers have gone from being a utility to merely being aesthetic and even fun. And that is why, in Windows 10, it is still present and we enjoy it, including the classic background images and downloading new screensavers.

      Also an interesting variant of Windows 10 is Spotlight , the photos shown on the lock screen background are changed daily and you can change the screen sleep time. This mode gives an innovative touch to the computer and is a way to simulate the screen saver.

      We offer you several options for configuring and changing your screensaver

      Without further ado, we'll walk you through how to set up and change your screen saver. Bearing in mind that in Windows 10 they are disabled by default.

      Option 1: from the desktop

      Being on the desktop, click on Start and then on Configuration or Settings (in English). There is a shortcut to bring up the Settings window: use the combination of Windows key + I. Once the window is displayed, you must click on Personalization or (Personalization, Wallpaper, Lock Screen, Colors).

      Another quick way to access the personalization window is on the desktop, right-click right mouse button , a window opens, scroll down and click on the Personalize option.

      Already in the window, navigate through the left panel, press Lock Screen, to display the lock options on the right side, scroll down until you press the Screensaver Configuration link and the classic window appears Screensaver configuration .

      Option 2: from the Run command

      Open the run box with the Windows + R key combination and in the space type: control desk.cpl ,, @ screensaver . Don't forget to press the Enter key. It's ready..!

      Option 3: Set the screen saver from the Start menu

      When you click Start go to the search box and type Change screen saver or Change screen saver and then hit Enter key. The window to configure immediately appears lo screen saver

      Screen saver settings

      Windows 10 has 6 screensavers by default : bubbles, ribbons, shapes and figures, photos, 3D and empty text. If you want to vary a bit you can put your photos in the screen saver , select the Photo mode , click on Settings and by default the images and photos that you have organized in Windows 10 will be reflected as a screen saver.

      To change the location press Browse , a window will open that will allow you to find the folder where you saved your favorite photos. When you select it, click OK and then click Salva . Once in the Screen Saver Settings window, you can access the preview.

      Another option that we can recommend is the website, where you can download the classics screensaver or the more innovative ones.

      As you can see, setting up and changing the screen saver on your PC is quite simple, choose the option that is most convenient for you and according to your needs. The idea is that you continue to enjoy your experience at Windows 10. We hope it has been very useful to you. We want to know your opinion.

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