How to set up my email account on my iPhone or iPad

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If you use devices like iPhone or iPad, setting up an email account is extremely simple. Thanks to the operating system of the devices iPhone and iPad , you will be able to see yours e -mail and work from your account no matter where you are.

To configure a email account on an iPhone device the iPad , you have to create an email account if you don't already have one. In case you don't have an email account when setting up an account on iPhone or iPad, you can create an email account in Gmail.

If you still don't know how to configure a account of e-mail on your iPhone or iPad device, today on miracomosehace we will explain it step by step.

Options to set up the email account on iPhone or iPad

There are several options for setting up an email account on iPhone or iPad devices, regardless of the email provider in question, from the iOS system devices like iPhones and iPads work with, when you set up an email account it does it by default in IMAP.

IMAP is a system that allows a any iPhone or iPad user of view your emails on your mobile device. However, it is also possible to set up an e-mail via the POP server.

Pop is based on the traditional message display system, by configuring emails via POP they will be downloaded to the device in order to view them.

How are both servers different? IMAP allows you to work on your mail remotely, that is, if you delete an email message via IMAP, it will also be deleted by your email provider. On the other hand, POP downloads the messages to the device so that they do not affect the mail server.

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¿ What is the best way to set up an email on iPhone or iPad? In this case it all depends on the needs you have, the reasons for connecting to your email and the function you give it.

Set up an email account with IMAP on iPhone or iPad

Setting up an email account on iPhone or iPad is extremely simple and recommended because you will have access to all functions of your email from your mobile device, for example, mark an email as spam from your iPhone device, send a message, delete a conversation, and so on.

The first step to setting up your email account on your iPhone or iPad device is to go to settings and select the "Mail" section.

So you have to click "Account" and "Add a new account" , you need to select your account provider, Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. Once you have selected your provider, you need to enter your email information, your login address and password.

After the device verifies your account, you can select the options you want to sync; contacts, calendar, among others. This process is the automatic way to set up an email on iPhone or iPad, then the account will be configured in IMAP.

Steps to manually set up the account in iOS

In case you want to configure Manually an email account on iPhone or iPad devices to select the POP server, the process is quite simple, the first step is to access the settings of your iPhone or iPad.

In the "Account" section, you need to select the option "Add new email account" and in the options screen that appears you have to press "Others" to perform the process manually, then you have to enter your name, email address and passkey.

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So you can select the IMAP or POP option to set up your email account. To complete the process of setting up your account, you need to fill in the information fields and that's it! This way you will have set up an email account on your iPhone or iPad device.

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