How to share Instagram stories on Facebook if I can't

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Instagram has a widely used feature called Stories or Stories. In them you can create original stories that give personality to the profile. If you have an account on this network and its sister, Facebook, you can quickly share the stories you create in the former on your Facebook account. If you have tried sharing the stories on both social networks and fail, in this tutorial we will explain how to share instagram stories on facebook if i can't .

Steps to Share Instagram Stories on Facebook

The first thing you need to do to share your stories on your Facebook profile is connect your Instagram account to Facebook ; If both accounts aren't linked, you won't be able to share stories or posts. These are the steps to follow to link both accounts.

  1. Open your Instagram app.
  2. Once inside your account, go to the bottom right corner and press the icon of a human figure .
  3. You will immediately see your profile on the screen, so go to the top right corner and click on the three stripes horizontal.
  4. When a menu is displayed, select "Settings" .
  5. In the new menu you need to select the option "Account" .
  6. Now another menu will appear on the screen, find and select the option "Linked Accounts" .
  • In the new window you need to select Facebook . A pop-up window will appear where you will need to enter your credentials and password to access your Facebook account; After logging in, both accounts will be linked.
  • Once both accounts are linked, you will be able to share any post on Facebook.
  • If you have any problems, the official Instagram page can give you further help in this regard.

    How to share Instagram stories on Facebook?

    1. Create an Instagram story. Nowadays, you can even upload Instagram stories from your PC without any programs.
    2. When you're done editing your story, click the button "Send to" in the lower right corner.
    3. A series of options will appear on the screen, click "Sharing options" .
    4. You will see two options to share on Facebook, "Always share on Facebook" or "Share once", select the option you want.
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  • Finally click on "Share" . Of course, we recommend that you first preview your Instagram story before posting it to avoid mistakes.
  • If you want to share some Instagram stories on Facebook, we recommend that you select the "Share once" option; so whenever you want to share a story you have to follow the above steps.

    But if you want all the stories you post on Instagram are automatically shared on your Facebook profile, activate the "Share your story on Facebook" option.

    Steps to activate the "share your story on Facebook" function

    When you activate this feature, you no longer have to worry about manually sharing all your stories; as Instagram will automatically take care of share all your stories on Facebook once posted on your Instagram profile.

    Remember that it is important that your Facebook account is connected to Instagram to activate this feature. These are the steps to follow to activate the automatic sharing feature.

    1. Within your Instagram account go to your profile.
    2. Click on the three stripes horizontal located in the upper right corner.
  • When a menu is displayed, select "Configuration" .
  • In the new menu, select "Privacy" .
  • In the "Privacy" section, click the option "Chronology" .
  • In that section you will see the option «Share your story on Facebook» on the right side there is a gray switch; slide it right to activate the function. The toggle will turn blue indicating the option is on to automatically share all your stories.
  • Sometimes Instagram will ask you to enter your Facebook account details.
  • When you share your Instagram Stories on Facebook, they will appear as a Facebook Story. You should also know that those stories when they appear on Facebook will be subject to the privacy settings you have in your Facebook account.

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    Follow the steps in this tutorial for easily and quickly share your Instagram Stories on your Facebook account ; This will allow you to share all the content you post in your stories on these two fabulous social networks. By the way, did you know that you can recover deleted Instagram story on Android and iOS? Find out now how to do it.

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