How to share your screen with someone on Google Hangouts

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Hangouts is a useful application from Google. And you definitely want to share your screen with someone when making video calls with this app. Hangouts is one of a group of applications integrated with your Gmail account that many people around the world have. Here we will tell you how to share screen on Hangouts.

How to share your screen with someone on Google Hangouts

      The benefits of the Hangouts application

      Hangouts is a simple and intuitive communication application which can be used on computers, tablets and Android smartphones; since all conversations are saved in Google to synchronize them on every registered device. And in this way you can continue them at any time and device.

      What is screen sharing and what is it for?

      Screen sharing literally shows everything that happens on your screen to other people; and it is very useful in some types of video conferencing for remote work or virtual meetings, where you need to show someone documents, graphs, tables, projects, projections or other; it would be difficult to explain textually or orally.

      How to share screen in Google Hangouts?

      Screen sharing on Hangouts is pretty quick and easy. You can choose whether to share all the windows you have open or a specific one; the first thing to do is establish a video call with at least one contact ; With Hangouts, you can create a group for a video conference with up to 15 people from your contacts.

      Hangouts it is integrated with other Google apps like Gmail, Calendar, and Meet. Although for each case the location and shape of the buttons varies a bit; The truth is that we can start by opening a video call with a specific contact from Gmail, creating a scheduled meeting from Calendar or a video conference in Meet.

      Regardless of the Google application from which we activate Hangouts, the window that will open to show the video call contacts will have a very easy to use screen sharing button ; from Calendar the button will appear in a green icon on the left side of the screen and from Gmail the option will be on the right side where there is a button with 3 vertical dots.

      Pressing the screen share button yes will open a small window that will allow us to choose if we want to share all our screens or just one of the screens we have open; For example, if we are sharing only one window with a Word document, we select the option that corresponds to that document.

      last steps

      After making our selection, all contacts who are in Hangouts video conferencing they will be able to see what we are seeing on your tablet or mobile computer; to be able to make our presentation calmly even if we switch to several screens of different programs (in the case of having shared all the screens).

      If we run Hangouts from Gmail or Calendar, for both options the icon that identifies the screen sharing function looks like a monitor from which an arrow comes out . Then to stop screen sharing you press the same button; or we locate the bottom bar that is generated on all screens and press the button to stop sharing.

      If we want to access Hangouts directly , we can access it from our browser. And the same goes for Google Meet, which you can install on your PC or mobile and sign in by entering your address and name into your browser, to create a scheduled meeting.

      An important detail to take into account is that when we share a screen, the internet connection speed of each participant can influence possible delays in viewing content. In general, there is usually a 2 or 3 second delay between what you hear and what you see; and between what you are showing and what others are seeing.

      Without a doubt, Hangouts is a convenient way to communicate with people and share screenshots with them. There are other similar apps on the market; but this, because it is integrated with the other Google applications, makes it a great option for the large number of people who already have a Google account.

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