How to show battery percentage on Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A40, A50 and A70

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Show the percentage of the battery in Samsung is one of the many tools and utilities these devices have to safeguard their charge.

How to show battery percentage on Samsung Galaxy A10, A20, A30, A40, A50 and A70

The procedure for applying this change may look different exclusively on this brand, since they customize the system environment in some way . The same can happen to you when you try to delete a Google account on a Samsung phone

This way they put a personal stamp on their devices. That said, this guide shows you how to apply this utility for different Samsung models.

      Turn on battery percentage on Samsung A10, A20, A30

      These models are mobile phones that have an Android 8 operating system, with different characteristics, as Samsung usually stamps a certain personality on its equipment.

      So, to activate the battery percentage on the Samsung A10, as well as on the other models, all you have to do is unlock the screen and swipe up.

      This will bring up the phone's application menu, which will contain the device settings icon called " Settings " represented by a gear.

      There, you need to find the option that bears the name of " Screen ", and within this, what is described as " Status bar ", where we will find the option we are looking for.

      Two different functions will appear in this section and one of them will have an instruction that says " Maximum battery percentage ".

      By default, the button will be positioned towards the side where it is disabled. This way, to enable it, you just have to click on it or slide it to the right.

      This will cause a change in the position of the button, as well as the color it will change from gray to blue (it will depend on the configured theme). Also, immediately, the percentage indicator will appear next to the battery icon.

      Set the battery percentage to A40, A50, A60 and A70

      Contrary to the other versions mentioned above, the way of displaying the battery percentage in Samsung after the A30 is slightly different (models A40, A50, A60 and A70).

      Essentially, these presentations have a different Android system than previous devices, so there may be some change in the order of the settings.

      So, to carry out and complete the procedure, as it may seem logical, you need to go to the configuration icon in the application menu.

      Pressing on it will open a new section and the next thing would be to find one of the options that is inside it which is identified as " Notifications ".

      It's located third in the settings panel, under " Sounds and vibrations " and can be identified by a red box with a superimposed circle.

      It is here that we will find the status bar mentioned in the procedure of previous models and where obviously the required option is located.

      By entering this section there will be several options relating to the status of the mobile such as the notification icons and, at the bottom, the " Show battery percentage ".

      Which, as in other versions, will be a sliding button and by default will be disabled. That's enough press on it to enable it or simply rotate it to the right.

      What are the benefits of activating the indicator?

      Although it seems like a simple accessory that makes the status section of the mobile phone more stylized and tidy, the truth is that this brings its benefits and advantages.

      Sometimes it gets difficult interpret the state of charge of the device by looking only at the battery icon, which empties over time.

      It's possible you can be more or less sure than it takes, but there is nothing better than knowing it precisely , and it is one of the advantages of this indicator.

      In this way people can better organize their activities within the mobile phone, as well as manage the use they make of it, so as not to run out of charge prematurely.

      Your phone's battery is one of the most basic parts of it, as it is what gives life to your device, that's why you need to take care of it and one way to do this is to know how many mAh your phone charges , to avoid plugging it into a charger which could damage it.

      Batteries tend to be a bit delicate, so it's important to look after them. Sometimes they'll give you little indications that they're working hard, like when your phone drains very fast or runs out of battery despite little use.

      If your phone's battery fails beyond repair or you just want to switch phones, remember to back up your data first so you don't lose anything.

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