How to show the latest posts of a category on a WordPress page?

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WordPress is one of the best platforms for writing today. With updates that add more and more useful features, she is crowning herself queen in this matter (one for example is that it allows you to add advertising in tickets). For this reason, today you will learn how view the latest entries in a category on a WordPress page so quick and easy.

And if what you want is to be the best at what you do (in this case create a blog or write), you need to know all the features of a page. That of showing the latest entries is a priority, because it will allow you to advertise all your posts at the same time, increasing your visits exponentially.

If what you want is to grow, you can also find how to show posts or pages anywhere in wordpress, which will complement what you will read now.

    Show the latest posts of a category on a WordPress page

    Despite what you have read before, WordPress, like every page, also has its problems, one of them is that in the current widget you cannot show the posts of a specific category but they are displayed all together.

    For this reason, in order to show the latest entries of a category on a WordPress page there are several tricks, the first would be to show the posts via the plugin. The first thing to accomplish this task is install the extended recent posts widget plugin , download it and once you have it on your PC, activate it.

    To get this you have to go to the section " Back office "of WordPress, here you will get an option called "Add new" press it to take you to a page where you can search for the plugin you just downloaded (the search bar is the top right part).

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    Once obtained, press it to start installation and subsequent activation. When you have completed this step go to " Wait "and then on" widget ", then add the extended recent post wiget to the sidebar.

    This plugin has more options, like the ability to show thumbnails of all your posts, but the one that matters to show the latest categories is "Limit category".

    With this option you can choose the categories by which you want all posts to be filtered, which will allow you to view the latest entries in a widget. Then, change what is needed in the limit category and when you are done press " Save Please note that you can not only show the latest posts but also the shortcodes.

    Shortcode del plugin

    The shortcodes will allow you to view the 10 posts of a specific category in a widget, including excerpts. You just have to copy this code: [rpwe limit = »10 ″ excerpt =» true »cat =» 15 ″] on the page where you want the 10 posts to appear and that's it. You have to change the number 15 which is the category ID, for the category you want.

    Another trick to show the latest entries in a category on a WordPress page is to use a code. The first thing you need to do is add the code in the theme file where you want the last entries of a category to appear.

    The code is as follows: have_posts ()): $ catquery-> the_post (); ?>

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    The second thing once pasted is to modify the first row to create a query, where the ID 15 is replaced by that of the category you want to show i from post , this will allow you to see the title of these items on the page you have chosen.

    And ready with the latter thing you can now show the latest entries of a category on a WordPress page. You can use either method, as both are effective, however if you are not good at using code, simply use the first. You are now free to go to WordPress and start letting your imagination run wild however you like. And if you were hungry for more, you should try to properly configure the reading settings and how to configure the writing settings, so that your blog looks classy and quality.

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