How to shut down or log out of Windows when I close my laptop lid

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We've all been short of time so we're a little late to go to our work or study site, but that's when ours pc takes a few seconds to shut down and as good owners we do this we cannot go without making sure it has been closed successfully.

Although there are several methods to shut down our computer, how to do it from the taskbar. The following method is ideal for those days when time is not your friend and you need to shut it down completely safely.

Well, believe it or not, this is something really easy and you don't need to use any programs because the Windows system comes with this configuration installed by default , so we just have to find it and configure it to our liking. And today, looking at how it is done, we will teach you the necessary steps to be able to achieve it.

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  1. Why does Windows suspend my computer by default when I close the lid?
  2. Change your laptop lid lock settings with Windows
    1. Make it shut down
    2. Make it hibernate
    3. Get it suspended
  3. What are the differences between hibernation and sleep?
  4. How to close the laptop and keep it running

Why does Windows suspend my computer by default when I close the lid?

As we have already mentioned in the article, you will be able to turn off your laptop without the need to close all open activities, in case you are short of time, as this will prevent a third person outside of your data from pressing the button Cancel shutdown button '. ' while open applications are closed.

This operation could take several seconds depending on your computer. Another important reason is that this way you can now have a lot more battery for your laptop, avoiding charging it so much and giving it more years of useful life.

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Change your laptop lid lock settings with Windows

This method is one of the easiest to be performed when we want to turn off our laptop, and the truth is that it becomes something really comfortable, with the passage of time, you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. The first thing you should know is that this method works similarly for both Windows 10 and its other versions, so you shouldn't worry about that.
  2. Once you are on your laptop desktop, you should go to the icon boot menu and position yourself on it to give it a single click with the right mouse button.
  3. When you do that, a list will appear in which you will have to look for the option called control panel that you only have to press once on it.
  4. After pressing, a new window will open with all the options of the control panel of our PC, in which we will search and press what is called hardware and sounds. One click is all it takes.
  5. Once inside, you should look for an option called power options which is commonly option 4 to display and which also has a full battery icon and a plug. Click on it.
  6. Already inside, on the left side of our screen there will be a mini menu, where we have to choose the option called choose the behavior of closing the lid , as usual, click on this.
  7. At this point there are several options, but the one that interests us in this article is the one that is named when the lid is closed, which is commonly the third option to display.
  8. Here you have two options to choose from, because you can choose to turn off the laptop when it is connected only to AC power or when it is using its battery. It's up to you to think about which one would be more convenient for you.
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Make it shut down

Following the previous steps, pressing one of the two boxes will bring up a list with three options where you will choose to disable.

After them, all that remains is to press the Save changes button for the system to save those changes. Now this way your laptop will shut down every time you close the lid of this, obviously depending on that you have chosen the option with battery or alternating current or why not? Both.

From now on every time you close the lid of said laptop, it will shut down completely, and in this way you can save your laptop battery and above all take care of your data in a much safer way.

Make it hibernate

Windows has options that allow us to enable or disable hibernation whenever we want, to put our computer into power saving or 'hibernation' mode, we just have to follow these simple steps:

We open the Windows start menu and type 'Power options' in the search engine, during the search, on the left we will select 'Choose the behavior of the on / off button' go down and select 'Change the configuration' finally We look for 'Hibernation', we mark the corresponding box and save the changes.

We can now enter hibernation mode by simply pressing the shutdown button on our laptop.

Get it suspended

To "suspend" your equipment you have to follow these quick steps: first you have to adjust the energy and suspend settings, to find this option let's go to the beginning let's locate the settings, then let's go to the system and here we will see the 'Energy and suspension' option .

We select how long we want the equipment to wait before turning off the screen when not in use, save the changes and that's it. After the set time has elapsed, our screen will go black and the equipment will go to minimum power consumption.

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What are the differences between hibernation and sleep?

While apparently these two options seem to do the same thing, there are a few small differences between them:

When we talk about the 'suspension' of the equipment, it enters a state that decreases automatically its energy consumption to a minimum , allowing only what is needed to keep the RAM on and then when we go back to join the equipment we find everything as we left.

On the other hand, when our equipment goes into hibernation mode and the screen turns off, instead of saving the current state of the equipment in RAM, it is stored on the hard disk, which zero energy consumption , since it is practically shut down and without putting any effort into keeping available programs or other windows open.

How to close the laptop and keep it running

This is a simple configuration to perform, first we have to go to the control panel, when we locate the "energy options", click and we will be able to observe those available in the system, along with a view of the menu options. Among all we must find ' choose the behavior of closing the lid ' and select.

In the pop-up window we will have several options of behavior in terms of energy consumption, we go to the option 'When closing the lid' which will show four more options: suspend, hibernate, turn off and do nothing . We choose the latter and save the changes. So you can finally close your laptop without suspending it.

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