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In today's article we will see how soften or soften the keys on a keyboard . With the passing of the years and technological progress, computers are very present in work and student environments, having a prolonged use for most of the year .

Whether it's writing reports, essays, or whatever, we all need a smooth keyboard to perform optimally. Although some types of work environments wear them faster, there are some actions that we can consider to extend their useful life . That is why, below, we will see how to have a keyboard in good condition.

Why are the keys on my keyboard locked?

Our hands are the first to receive everything we touch, from food, surfaces with dirt, dust, etc. This makes it easy for us spread these substances on our keyboard , causing problems.

The main of these problems is usually the gluing of the keys, either because we drop something on top, do not wash our hands and leave traces in them, etc. These are the main reasons why the keys start to crash . And it's very common for this to happen in something manipulated like keyboards.

How can I smooth the keys on my new keyboard?

As mentioned above, there are several reasons that affect the health of our keyboard and fixing it involves trying a few things, one of which is cleaning the computer keyboard, for this, you need to take a can of compressed air, try to put it gently and apply it in all areas of the keyboard to expel all dirt.

If the problem persists you can try using a vacuum cleaner , as it is a more powerful way to unblock dirt that prevents the keyboard from working at its best. If the problem persists, you may discover the keyboard.

How to reduce the noise of the keys that are hard on the keyboard?

Some keyboards can be very noisy, influencing the environment we have in our office , home or ourselves. This problem usually occurs mainly in mechanical keyboards, as their mechanisms are noisier than the rest of the keyboards.

To reduce the noise that the keys on our keyboard can make, we will show you some actions we can take. However, depending on the key model we are using, we can use one option or another .

  • The first solution we have is to put rings that suppress sound, also known as sealing rings. These are installed in the keyboard switch, causing the collision of these rings during lowering and sound reduction . Most keyboards can use this option, which is usually quite inexpensive too.
  • If we use a wooden table it is in particular that it will be noticed to a large extent. This other method to mute the keys, is to put a pad under our keyboard, avoiding that the keystroke is amplified in the wood or where it is. While it's a simple option, it's more remarkable than you might imagine.
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Is it advisable to change the keys on my PC keyboard?

It all depends on the damage and how many keys we decide to change. If we talk about changing a single key because it stopped working, if it is advisable to replace that single key . Now, if some of the keys have stopped working and even compromised some of its electronic functioning, we better decide to let it go and find a new one.

The most common is that a few keys are damaged, but equally, if we decide to go through the entire disassembly process, looking for the replacement and adding it to the keyboard, we need to know how to configure this new key later .

Set the keys after editing

If we don't have a key in a configuration other than the common one, instead of modifying the specific key we could choose to restart and re-establish the keyboard configuration . We can easily find it in the configuration of our operating system, Mac or Windows, where we will look for "keyboard" to subsequently restore the default configuration.

Steps to clean a mechanical keyboard in simple steps

Since we have seen how to solve part of the problem, we need to know how to prevent it in the simplest way, cleaning being one of the habits that extends the life of our keyboard the most . For this we will first see which tools and / or materials we will use, then we will see which process to follow in cleaning.

Tools and materials to use

To clean a keyboard we don't need some unusual product in our homes . One of those we will need is a microfiber fabric, alcohol and a toothbrush. It is very likely that we have all of them on hand or we can get them without too much trouble

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General cleaning

To begin with, we must proceed to remove the keys gently , ordering them as if they were on the keyboard so as not to lose the order they had. We take advantage of the passage of the toothbrush to remove all the dust that has the keyboard, all this carefully.

Once we have removed the dust and solid debris from our keyboard, let's proceed to sprinkle small amounts of isopropyl alcohol on the microfiber cloth . Once this is done, we rub gently but with light pressure on the entire surface of the keyboard, being careful not to damage the electronic part.

After that we waited about thirty minutes, to finally put the keys away in an orderly manner. This procedure is more than enough to clean our keyboard .

How to clean the keypads on any keyboard?

Per i pad the procedure is the same as for the keyboard in general . We remove debris with a toothbrush and then gently brush our microfiber fabric with isopropyl alcohol.

Ways to loosen keys on a membrane keyboard

Unlike most keyboards, membrane keyboards have a peculiarity that makes the loosening of the keys different. For these we will have need a small blade screwdriver , with which we will press the small "legs" it has. This whole process must be used gently, avoiding damaging or scratching the keys.

Tips before cleaning a keyboard of any kind and softening its keys

First of all, we need to know everything about cleaning, besides be clear about the model and type of keyboard . With this we must meticulously choose the materials we are going to use, avoiding damage and signs that compromise their aesthetic value. This is enough to follow some of the steps we have already mentioned here .

Why clean the keyboard before disposing of it?

Easily softening your computer keys can be a battle if the solution isn't found quickly. It is common to have some kind of problem with computer equipment and its accessories, mainly keyboards, as these have a lot of traffic from our fingers.

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A smart way to save resources is clean the keyboard if it has any kind of problem with its keys, because, in most cases, these are minor problems caused by dirt.

This way you can give your computer keyboard a second chance , avoiding to discard it in the worst way, since it is not necessary to do so if the problem has a solution.

If you've been lucky enough to fix the problem, you can prevent it from recurring by purchasing some sort of gel keyboard protector, as replacing a computer keyboard isn't as easy as changing a phone or tablet keyboard.

However, there are times when users simply want to necessarily change their keyboard, since they believe it is aesthetically very worn. Any decision is valid, but if it comes to saving money it may be advisable to do so.

What types of keyboards should be used on a computer?

Easily softening the keys on a computer will always be on the minds of users who have problems with them. On the other hand , buy new things it seems to be very pleasant, especially when it comes to computer equipment or accessories such as keyboards.

Buying hardware is very different from buying a computer operating system, especially when it comes to a keyboard. They come in all sizes and materials you can imagine, ergonomic or not, large or small, they all play the same function.

It is recommended that you buy one that suits your customer's needs, because the more comfortable it is, the better the user experience. However, it all depends on the tastes of each user.

Also, there are some keyboards that have complementary functions, some have a mouse included, others have keys intended for games or other keys with different functions , such as the wireless "Bluetooth" functions.

The wireless function it can be very convenient , but it requires outside help, as there must be something that provides power, as is the case with batteries, as they require a couple of them.

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