How to solve problems with Safaria and Google Chrome saved passwords on Mac

Sometimes you may have some problems with passwords saved on your Mac and you don't know how to solve them; Well, here we will show you the solutions of some of the most common. As in the case of the deletion of passwords saved on a Google Chrome web page, or of failures in the synchronization of passwords or how to change them; We will explain all this and more below.

How to fix problems with Safari and Google Chrome saved passwords on Mac

    Erase the passwords saved on your Mac

    As we all know, Safari and Google Chrome are web search engines; in the case of the former, it is the default search engine built into Apple devices for Mac IOS operating systems. That they save, if you wish, passwords of websites that require it, such as social networks, emails or bank accounts, among others. But if what you want is to clear the cache and cookies of the Safari browser and thus obtain a more complete result, this browser also offers you the possibility to do so.

    If the case is that you want to troubleshoot saved passwords, you will need to delete some or all of your saved passwords. For this, you have to go to the Mac desktop and in the top title of the Finder, go to the go section and you have to hold the key OTHER until you reach the Library tab.

    When you open it, you will see several folders, the one we need is called keychain, which is where all the passwords are stored; so let's proceed to eliminate it, with a right click and the option to move to the trash; then you have to empty the recycle bin and finally you have to restart your computer.

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    Troubleshoot syncing problems with Google Chrome

    Synchronizing passwords in Google account to save your profile data securely, insurance is a great tool. And to perform this sync, you need to go into the Mac and open Google Chrome and enter your Google account. Then, you have to click on settings, select your user account, then activate the synchronization; If you want, you can turn off the option to sync everything and save only the passwords and information you want.

    If you have problems with syncing, you can restart it, by going into the Chrome app and turning off the sync option, then force quitting Chrome and reactivate the synchronization; this way you can solve the problem.

    Edit or change autofill in Safari

    First you need to open Safari and go to the title of it, and we choose the preferences section, where a window will appear; then we will choose the autofill tab, where four options will appear for you to change.

    The first is the contact card information, which includes social media and email; second option are usernames and passwords, in this tab you can see all yours users and passwords that you have saved on your Mac by simply double clicking on the user.

    Se you changed a password, you can update it, by removing the user from that list and the next time you add it, you can save it again; the third is the credit card, where it allows you to affiliate your card and cancel it.

    As a last option there are the other items, where you will see a list of some places or websites where we have entered our password, so you can periodically delete this list and thus keep your privacy safe on your Mac.

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    It is very important that you take these steps and tips into account; Well, in the world of the Internet it is easy to be a victim of identity theft or password. Therefore, you may also need to use more secure password managers for your MacOS that allow you to manage all your private data.

    In these ways you can solve some problems, generally the most common are those associated with passwords on your Mac. Since you have learned how you can solve saved password problems, the importance of synchronizing with Google Chrome, and how you can change the Safari information autofill , which is of great importance, as keeps your data more private.

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