How to solve the problem of no internet connection when I connect my mobile to Wi-Fi

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The problem of lack of internet access on the phone's Wi-Fi affects 5 out of 10 users worldwide. Many users, at some point, experience some inconvenience in their connection, which prevents them from connecting successfully.

Today, with the digitization of activities that previously required the physical presence of the user, it is necessary to have access to any type of internet connection.

This means that, to keep up with daily activities, we need to have a mobile device and a good connection, without them we would be practically isolated and unable to lead a normal life.

    Difference between Wifi and Internet

    It is possible and very easy to distinguish between these two devices which today have become a must have in the home. Which is due to the boom the internet has had and how significant it became a couple of decades ago.

    When it comes to Wifi, we must be very clear that it is a device with or without antennas; that helps to share the Internet signal via wireless networks in a certain space around it. It is also known as 'Router'; This looks like a decoder, it is small, some square, rectangular or oval and light in weight.

    Now, the Internet it is the central source that transmits the broadband or satellite connection ; This too consists in being small, with shapes similar to those of a router and which only takes care of sending the internet signal. It is known by many as a 'modem'. There are others that just need to connect an antenna and voila, it will work like the internet.

    The problem of lack of internet access on the phone's Wi-Fi may or may not have a solution, it all depends on symptoms presented by the mobile phone. Most likely, it indicates that the connection has been lost, to fix it you can restart it.

    If the above doesn't work, try going into your phone settings, specifically in the "Wireless Networks" or "Wifi" option , select the network you are connected to and choose the "Forget this network" option.

    Then select again the network you were connected to and write the access key (if you have it) to re-establish the internet connection. If the problem persists, you can try restarting the router to fix the problem.

    Also, you can try to check if all the cables of the modem or router 'Wifi' are connected, in the position that corresponds to them, therefore, this could be the reason most common cause of the problem.

    Another possible cause is that you are left without an internet connection due to an error or delay with payment. If you followed one of the steps described above , the problem could be solved.

    Check the range of the router

    The distance at which the internet signal can be extended from the router can be something crucial so that your device does not have a connection to the network. Since it can happen the case where the mobile marks as connected to Wifi, but you are not accessing the internet because the distance does not allow it and the signal is intermittent.

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    So, so that you can check how much space your router can cover; You must see the box it came in and there you will find a fixed distance in meters, this indicates what it covers in any place; that is, it is the center point and will cover the same distance at all of its ends.

    Restart your computer and router

    Also, if the problem persists, it could be a power outage or that si a internal failure between the router and the modem ; making him dial the signal, but there is no internet.

    In this case, you need to restart both the modem and the router. To do this, simply grab each of these devices and press the power button (usually found on the back) ; after this, wait a few minutes and turn them back on one by one, repeating the previous procedure.

    Temporarily disable the antivirus

    There may be problems with the antivirus that you downloaded on your computer and it is interfering or causing a limitation to the connectivity and Internet access of other devices.

    Therefore, it must be deactivated immediately; see if the problem is solved, if so you should stop using that antivirus and look for another one ; but if the problem is not solved, you need to keep trying other alternatives.

    Check the operation of the service with the operator

    Another aspect that you don't have access to the internet for is that it is about a problem directly from the service that you have contracted. In this sense, you should contact the suppliers to find out how they can help you.

    It may mean that the platform providing the Internet service is not active or has suffered other problems such as the failure of the optical fiber; also that there is a problem with the core network or that a natural disaster is occurring affecting the service. So you need to communicate with the company.

    Check your wireless connections and networks

    This option must be confirmed by directly connecting the cable that carries the internet from the modem to a PC that allows you to confirm; In case the direct connection does not appear then you have this problem and you should call the company as soon as possible so that they can send you a technician.

    Check your network password

    The password may have been changed or the router has been formatted and the password is factory preset by default. So, if any of these might be the case for you, you need to first check that the your mobile phone is connected to the network ; If not, you need to remove the password and replace it to see if this is the problem.

    In case the password has been changed without your consent, ask someone who knows it to write it down on your device to gain access. But if it hasn't been changed, then you have to enter the router account from the pc ; Usually the address '' is used and the word 'admin' is entered as the username and password.

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    The site from which the router is programmed will open and you can easily change the password there; If you don't know, you can see from YouTube how to do it and you will see that it becomes simple.

    Check your cell phone settings

    Another feasible solution is to check that your mobile phone settings are working well; where there is no interference between them. You can see that everything is fine and that airplane mode is not activated , as you will never be able to connect to the internet. Also check that the Wi-Fi signal is working or that mobile data is not turned on.

    Delete the Wifi network and add it again

    If you see that your mobile phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network and does not detect the Internet, it is possible that the mobile phone has a problem in receiving and configuring the signal. To do this then you have to forget the password, delete the Wi-Fi network, add it again and enter the password; Follow the steps:

    • Open your mobile phone settings and go to the networks and connections section
    • Enter Wifi and locate the network you want to delete
    • Press said network and then forget and then cancel
    • Once removed you can add it again by clicking on the plus symbol (+) located in the upper right corner
    • Enter the name, WPS address, and other information it asks for
    • Enter the password and voila, you will connect again

    Change your device channel with WiFi Analyzer

    Now, if you think that the quality of the internet is not enough and you want to increase it; for this, the Wifi Analyzer application was created; The purpose of this is offer users several alternatives to improve browsing speed on their devices; changing the channel of your network.

    If you want to learn how to use it, we will teach you here. The first thing you need to do is download the app on your mobile, then open it and you will see at the beginning a graph that allows you to observe the functioning of the network channels . In the upper right corner you can click on the "view" option and select the channel score from the drop down menu.

    A tab will open in which each of the channels will be listed in numerical order; marked with stars according to the degree of improvement they have, on a scale of 1 to 10. There it will mark all channels and include those with the highest score.

    Now, after knowing which channel is the most suitable for the network, you need to change it; To do this, open your PC browser and enter the address '' and open the user of your router . Once open, go to the menu and click on 'Network'; later in the option 'WLAN Radio 2.4G' and in here you will see some options on the panel; then select where indicates the channel or channel.

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    Usually this option will be set to 'auto', which means it is automatic; but if you press there, you will get a list of numbers in which you have to choose the one that corresponds to the channel that Wifi Analyzer launched as the most voted and that's it; these changes will be saved automatically after selecting the appropriate channel.

    How to easily know who is connected to my Wifi connection from my phone?

    If you have solved the problem of the lack of internet access on your phone's Wifi and you want to continue enjoying it, but your connection is slow and you want to speed up the internet as much as possible, you can find out if there are any intruders who are using your "Wifi" network.

    To do this, go to the configuration of your 'Wifi' internet router, through the browser by copying the 'IP' address that the router has set by default, this is found in the user manual, or in some area of ​​the equipment and generally it is like this: ''.

    However, the "IP" address may vary, after which you will be asked for a username or password, in most cases it is "Admin", then a menu will appear where you need to locate the "Wireless" option, followed from 'Wireless Statistics'.

    A list will appear where you can see the 'MAC' addresses of all the devices connected to your network, to remove them you can select the option called 'Deny'. You can also download an application called 'Fing' which will help you identify the brand and the exact model of the equipment connected to your 'Wifi' network.

    How do I find out the speed of my Internet connection?

    The problem of the lack of Internet access on the Wi - Fi your phone may interrupt the activities that are commonly performed on the network. Similarly it happens when you want to know the internet speed that you have contracted, therefore, in most cases, it is unknown.

    To find out the speed of your internet, and not fail in the attempt, you can enter the browser of your computer or smartphone and write in the search bar 'Speed ​​test', in the first results locate the option 'Speed ​​test' di Ookla'.

    Once you have performed the steps described, you have to enter that page and select the 'Start' option, it will immediately start scanning your network, which will take a few seconds.

    Then some data will be shown, which belongs to the network scan result, generally it is shown in the format of 'Megabytes per second' or which is equal to 'Mbps' , all this will depend on the contracted plan.

    Importantly, a speed result will also be shown in the form of uploading or downloading, as internet providers send and they receive data from their users , while using the Internet.

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