How to sort data by date in an OpenOffice Calc document - Very easy

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The OpenOffice Calc tool is very similar to the Excel spreadsheet, performing the same function and being a multipurpose sheet that facilitates mathematical operations of any commercial activity that we have to do at some point, undoubtedly they have become the allied tool with large companies and national and international trading companies, which have this platform to verify their data.

Being a neat tool and taking into account the problem of aesthetics and the clean and safe work that we can do inside it, there is no doubt that we must use it for all our projects that have to do with summation, evaluation and analysis data, allowing us to save time and even money .

Knowledge of this tool is extremely important, as some jobs require a basic knowledge of the same or another tool, thus doing part of the OpenOffice company , it even allows us to create organizational charts, so it is good to inform us of its use so as not to get lost immediately in the workplace and to fulfill our daily functions.

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  1. What can I do in OpenOffice Calc?
  2. How to sort the data in Calc?
    1. In alphabetical order
    2. By day, month and year
  3. Sort the dates in OfficeCalc
    1. Descending
    2. increasing
  4. Some advantages and disadvantages of OpenOffice Calc

What can I do in OpenOffice Calc?

Without a doubt, we can perform several functions that lead us to carry out large-scale work-level projects and obviously in a more efficient and immediate way, basically it is a spreadsheet, with various dynamic tables that facilitate the use of data and likewise, it eventually transforms them into meaningful information.

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It allows us to create custom formulas using words as '' sales '', we call this the language formulas, thus having addition and subtraction buttons within the main menu, which is visually simple to use, and also provides us with total transparency in the results,

There are also so-called "assistants" that allow us to use a number of functions within the spreadsheet at advanced levels, so we can also download some templates to get an idea of how we will work on our document or spreadsheet. Calc .

Likewise, it enables the free and personal choice of sizes, styles and colors during the realization of a project, being able to place backgrounds, borders, shadows and therefore being able to create precise files with a lot of creativity if we wish.

It should be noted that it also provides us with the ability to save our files or spreadsheets as Microsoft Excel file formats , although it goes hand in hand with many branches of formats that serve to save files of the same nature.

Ordering a spreadsheet in Calc is always a good option to manage our data and information more correctly; Furthermore, it's a more organized method and facilitates any task.

The 'Sort' tool will open a window that will give us organization options in based on the division of the columns on our sheet and the way we presented the information.

In alphabetical order

We have to select the columns we want to sort and we will go to Data> Order; Once the window opens, it displays a section called 'Sort by criteria', where we will click on the 'bottom to top' option, this it will automatically organize it from A to Z . This option can be done when the data is text

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By day, month and year

If the cells consist of text, the command includes the columns within the category sorted alphabetically. The first thing we will need to do is select the columns, right click and go to the 'Format Cells' option; Let's change the category to 'Date' and conclude by clicking on 'OK'.

We select the columns we want to configure, go to the 'Data' section and then 'Sort'. Once the window is open, in the first menu, we choose the columns and select 'Ascendant' . We conclude the process by clicking on "Accept".

Sort the dates in OfficeCalc

This is one of the most useful functions that we can perform within our document in OpenOffice Calc, the procedure is extremely simple and in a few steps we can get what we want. First we position ourselves in the document to be used, then 'click' with the 'right button' of the mouse on the column at the top, which is the one that contains the dates.

Next, we click on "format cells", then we click on "numbers", other options will be divided and we press where it indicates "category" and then we click on "date" and then on "accept". We are in the box located in the upper left corner of the sheet, click on 'data' and then on 'order' .


This option applies to different categories of organizations. To configure our spreadsheet in ascending order, we will check the category of our columns; After that, we will go to the "Data" tool and then "Order" .

Here the organization window will open, let's configure the drop-down option and we select 'Descending', we accept the change and the sheet will be organized in descending order.


Then, we choose the columns that contain the dates and do click on "increasing" , the next step is to click "options", then "include formats", then we will locate where it says, column label range and click "accept", and that's it, it's that quick and easy.

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Some advantages and disadvantages of OpenOffice Calc

Since each tool has its pros and cons, in this case, among the positive things we have that the platform is totally free and it can be used with formats of any type, as we know it is part of '' OpenOffice '' as one of its branches, so it also allows you to import Excel data into OpenOffice and also import XML files.

And in its disadvantages, we can consider that it's a bit slow and it may lack some features to complement its image, although for many people it is extremely genuine.

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