How to speed up and download games on PS4 easily?

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PS4 is undoubtedly the console of the moment, as this is the one that has provided the best experiences in recent years (as far as games are concerned). However, the latter, due to their high quality, are becoming heavier. Here because you will learn how to speed up and download games faster on PS4

How to speed up and download games faster on PS4 easily

Because no one wants to spend two days of their life downloading a game, or worse yet a update. For a player this is a sacrilege and can even become an offense. But to get the best out of it you need to work harder, so to play those 4k titles faster you need to follow these simple steps.


    Speed ​​up and download games faster on PS4

    If you're a PS4 user, you know that games are quite heavy, almost being an impediment, for example, when playing GTA 5 online with PS4 . And they also tend to download slowly, because Play when downloading too large amounts of data it does not prioritize the download .

    For this there is a solution and although it is not final, it will help you speed up and download games faster on PS4. The first is the simplest of all to directly connect the Ethernet cable from the router to the console.

    Check the speed of your network by measuring the speed of the Internet and also take into account how many megabytes the Internet has compared to bandwidth.

    This of course, as with any device, will increase the speed quite a bit, as well as decrease latency, then online games will be better for you.

    In case your home router isn't in your room, you can use a PLC device, which is like an adapter that plugs into any outlet, so you can run a cable through it.

    Another equally simple method is to add your ps4 console to the DMZ. To achieve this you must first find the IP of your ps4, then in the router look for the option called DMZ where you can add the IP. This will also slightly increase your download speed.

    Finally, among the simplest tips is to stop and then reactivate the download . It may seem silly, but in doing so, the PlayStation recognizes the download as a priority, increasing its speed.

    An even more effective solution

    If you have tried all of the above and nothing is enough to speed up and download games faster on PS4, then it's time to try an even better and equally simple solution, it's about downloading games or updates with Play on "Economy mode".

    This is the most effective method because it eliminates the problem that the ps4 has of prioritizing the download (since other functions that also consume bandwidth stop doing so). To achieve the goal with this method you must first go to the section " Settings " inside the Play.

    So go on "Energy saving settings" , immediately after that, click on the option that appears called "Set features available in sleep mode" , to finish, do not forget to click on "Stay connected to the Internet" so that the Play does not lose the connection during sleep mode.

    Finally, you just have to hold down the PS button to activate the "Sleep Mode" and that's it, with this the download should become a priority and increase the speed significantly.

    With this, there is nothing left to learn to speed up and download games faster on PS4. There are still other tricks that might work, but these involve third-party programs and proxies, so who wants to try them can search them freely on the web , but it will be at your own risk that something bad could happen.

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