How to speed up and speed up my Android or iPhone mobile phone

With each passing day, more technological advances and innovative functions appear in mobile phones of different brands, the most used operating systems they are iPhones, with its iOS and Android versions, being preferred by users when they get a mobile phone, due to the efficiency and aesthetics provided that the public is looking for the best quality.

Most people spend most of their time in front of a mobile screen, this being it a necessity for each of us , as it improves our comfort when doing anything, communicating, capturing special moments and so much more.

We need to have quality in our hands and these phones provide it to us, thanks to their durability, compatibility, speed and of course their excellent performance , there are other operating systems as well but in their case they are not as nominated or required in the market.

Some teams may have better cooling when it comes to using apps. That is why here we will show you the steps for speed up and make your mobile faster . All this regardless of what operating system you have. Read on for all the details.

How to speed up and speed up my Android or iPhone mobile phone

There are tricks and secrets to improve the optimization of our phones, as for iPhones, we have more options to do it, one of them is to speed up the user interface, we just have to enter the `` settings '' and click on option `` reduce movement '' which will allow us to uninstall the movements that appear in the screen changes .

We can disable updates of different applications for a while , just click on "settings - general - background" and click on "disable applications that should not be operational". Similarly we can delete applications, caches and files or documents that we do not use.

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In Android it is also possible to speed up our mobile by uninstalling apps that are not in use, and if we have an animated wallpaper we must change it immediately, as this makes it work the computer more slowly , there are also various applications to optimize our mobiles.

Reducing the use of animations while browsing the Internet is extremely important, even though it may seem more fun, significantly affects the optimization process phones.

iPhone How is the memory performance?

It is one of the most recognized brands worldwide and highly sought after, thanks to its wide range of features, there is something very positive and that we all need when it comes to having a mobile, the large storage space, the 'iPhone there allows you to store, 16GB, 32GB and up to 64GB , in this way we can save everything we need, such as music, images and even a large number of movies.

Another advantage is the voice functionality, we can initiate a call or search for something on our mobile simply by using the voice control, this would help us in the case of having our hands busy providing us with ease and comfort. Its camera is also multifunctional, with a resolution that we can change, its focus is impressive and it is one of the reasons for being the public favorite .

Among its disadvantages we find low signal quality in some models , even though that little problem is currently being solved, this is because it takes a long time to improve a network's connection.

So it allows us to download only applications offered by the Apple store , which is one of the biggest drawbacks, many users miss out on great apps for this reason.

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Android How is the memory performance?

Android has the great advantage that the its code system is totally open , this allows many people to create applications and new ideas are born every day, and most of them are free. We can download any application on our mobile using the Play Store, in a simple way.

It is fully customizable , that is, we can place wallpapers, widgets and other important things within the team. Likewise, it contains a multitasking system that allows you to manage or open different applications.

As for the disadvantages, we can consider that allowing you to open many applications leads to a excessive use of the battery and lasts less This operating system can also be much more prone to irregularities than expected.

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