How to speed up, free up and have more RAM memory on my Android phone or iPhone

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If you are concerned about the amount of free space you have in your RAM memory and want your mobile phone to be in top condition, you may need to take some measures. To improve your experience of using your mobile, whether it is Android or iPhone, it may be necessary to free up space in the RAM memory. If you want to know how, stay and find out how to speed up, free up and have more RAM memory on my Android phone or iPhone.

How to speed up, free up and have more RAM memory on my Android phone

Many people use Android cell phones every day, so too many people are interested in knowing some tips for freeing up RAM in these devices. If you are part of this group of people who want to know, pay close attention to the tips and tricks we will give you below on this.

Force quit apps

To start the RAM memory freeing process on your Android mobile, you first need to know which apps are consuming a lot of RAM memory, which you will get by doing the following:

  1. The first thing to do is access the phone settings, which you do by pressing on Settings
  2. Then, you need to click on the section Applications , within the settings
  3. In this section you can see all the apps on your mobile and how much RAM each consumes, just click on each one to see how much each one consumes
  4. If you see an app that isn't needed, you can stop apps that consume a lot of RAM, which you can get by selecting Force close, Deactivate or Uninstall , as it appears in every app and look for another app that meets the same characteristics, but takes up less space or just does without it
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In this simple way, you will be able to increase and free up the RAM memory, even a little bit, but this will make your mobile work better and more optimally. Also, this process is very good, as Android phones generally don't have a lot of RAM , so having some knowledge like this is a good idea to free up RAM from time to time.

Manage apps that start automatically

In general, when you turn on the phone, several applications start automatically, some needed and some not, so it's a good idea to manage which apps will launch and which won't. To do this, you can do this from Settings on your phone and by going to Start, although this can vary by phone, so you can use the search bar in Settings to find that option.

This frees up some RAM and allows the phone to boot lighter and run a little better than usual, in the case of the phone is a little slow .

How to speed up RAM on an iPhone cell phone

If you have had a problem with your mobile iPhone and you notice that it is running poorly or a little slow, it means that it is time to clean your iPhone's RAM memory, so be careful how to do it.

Restart the iPhone phone

What many don't know is that in iPhone cell phones when you restart them, the RAM memory is freed up in them, even though restarting an iPhone phone is so easy and requires specific steps:

  1. First, you need to press the power button of the your iPhone for a couple of seconds until the screen where the option to shut down appears.
  2. After this and without releasing the power button, you have to press simultaneously the Home button, you will do this until the screen goes all black and you return to the mobile home screen
  3. After that you need to unlock your mobile and then press the Home button twice to activate the applications in use
  4. In this way the running apps will appear, which if you want you can close so you can increase and improve the speed of your iPhone with that simple gesture
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