How to stay in touch in two meetings Zoom or video calls at the same time

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For many people, who pass more each day, quarantine has radically changed the way they live their daily lives. This was critical for all of us, as we had to find new and better ways to communicate virtually. Among these streets is Zoom, which has its own web page. If you want to be in able to connect in two classes or lectures at the same time, we will teach you briefly.

What is Zoom and what does it work for?

Zoom is a telecommunications company, whose strength is the distribution of services for making videoconferences through the internet service that is offered to you. To do this, your computer creates a secure connection with the application server and sends your data, at the same time receiving the data that will be displayed on your screen . For this process it is important to know how to use or use Zoom.

Zoom Video, which is the name under which the company was founded, was created in 2013 by an American named Eric Yuan. This man has been able to amass a large amount of money since due to the Zoom pandemic has become one of the most used applications worldwide, whose users have a range of devices ranging from Android phones to PCs and laptops.

Zoom works primarily to create a virtual environment in which people can communicate, in which options are also available so that a single person has control over the rights of the word of others, in order to have a moderator. This app is very popular among people who want to give classes, classes or just connect with family members all over the world.

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To use it, you can access the web version, or you can download the Zoom app for free for much faster access. It is available for all devices Smartphone, Windows e iOS.

What can I do with Zoom?

You can quickly start conversations with anyone, anywhere in the world. The important thing is that both can have an Internet connection in order to maintain a constant flow of information. People can access any channel they want as long as they have permission to do so. Despite having a lot of controversy , Zoom is still available and afloat for millions of users who use it daily.

The main function of Zoom is to learn how to make free video calls and conferences, so that you can get in touch with all the people you want. Many people use Zoom for communicate with family members , others use it for web auctions.

There are people who even use Zoom for virtual gathering parties, where they do some fun activities. On the other hand, Zoom's main strength has always been and will be the online lessons , as the teacher is given all the controls she would like to have in real life when teaching in the classroom.

How can you stay connected in two Zoom meetings or video calls at the same time?

This is possible, and in fact it's a very simple procedure, because Zoom allows it as part of the free user package, so you shouldn't have to download any additional apps, much less pay a percentage of money to access it. In fact, if you have a special guest account, you can also access more than one video or voice chat at the same time.

First of all, you can learn how to use Zoom on two devices with one account at the same time, as this application allows users to have a lot of freedom on how to use their accounts. However, in order to access two chat rooms at the same time, you need to do the following.

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You need to log in or enter your guest account. Subsequently, you need to upload the two invitation links in the application. To do this, click on the "Enter room code" button. When you add the first one, the button will still appear and this allows you to add a second one. The first will be in the background and you will only be able to listen to what you have open at the same time.

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