How to stop sharing documents and files on Google Drive?

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Today we will see how to stop sharing my documents and files in google drive so quick and easy on your computer.

We cannot deny the enormous comforts and security that cloud services like Google Drive give us. Thanks to these we can not only make backup copies of our files. If not, share them with whoever we want at the time we want.

How to stop sharing my Google Drive documents and files?

Not to mention being able to access these fillet at any time and place, as long as you have an Internet connection. Hard drives and devices such as USBs or DVDs have been in the past to make backup copies. Something normal as these can be damaged at any time.

The best thing is to have everything in the cloud, especially thanks to services like Google Drive or OneDrive, among others. They have the option of have a free account with a huge amount of space for average users and they are very reputable companies.

But back to the main topic, one of its functions is the ability to share files or folders. However, maybe after you have shared it and achieved your goal, you don't want anyone to be able to access it, how do we solve it? There is no need to delete or delete anything. We will simply change the permissions so that no one else can access them.

How to stop sharing files on Google Drive

  • The first thing you should do is enter Google Drive in Chrome. Generally, if you are logged in, it will automatically recognize your account. If not, you will need to log in.
  • Now you will need to find the file or folder you want to stop sharing in Drive.
  • Then you need to right click on it and a drop down menu will open.
  • Among these options you have to click on " Share "or" Share "depending on the language you have Chrome in.
  • A pop-up window opens, the option we are looking for is located in the lower right part of it. Click on " Advanced ".
  • In " Who has access "you will have to click on" Change "is a link that is blue. It will allow you to change the permissions of the folder or file.
  • Among the options that appear you will have to choose " Disabled "which means you can share the folder, but people who see it won't be able to.
  • However, those who already have access to that folder will be able to continue to access it.
  • Once you have finished editing, the only thing left to do is click on the button in the lower left corner " Save ".
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How to stop sharing documents and folders in Drive

  • In case you want to remove access to certain people in the window, you will need to click on the " X "located on the right side of each email.
  • When you finish deleting everyone, " Private "will appear immediately below" Who has access "This means that no one will be able to access the folder, only you.
  • Finally, what you have to do is click on " Save Changes "is the blue button that appears at the bottom left.
  • Now all you have to do is hit the blue button that says " Done "just below left, which will close the pop-up window and you will be able to view all the files you have in your Drive.

As you can see, it's a simple process that shouldn't take more than a few minutes. We recommend that you do this from a computer, as it cannot be done that easily from the application.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial on how to stop sharing files and documents in Drive was very useful to you . If you have any questions, you can leave it in the comments.

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