How to stop Windows Defender from showing false positives in Windows 10

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Windows Defender is an application that comes by default in Windows 10 to protect the system from possible threats. It is a proposal that works very well, although in some occasions it tends to detect wrongly i file come threats . These types of errors are known as false positives and can be corrected.

Windows 10 is presented as a very complete proposal, compared to previous versions. It has a number of tools you need to get optimal performance combined with high quality protection.

However, several users have shown their dissatisfaction with the application because on more than one occasion it has shown a warning message for an alleged threat. These false positives they often interfere with the use of certain files and applications.

    How to prevent Windows Defender from showing false positives in Windows 10?

    It is important to know that you cannot completely disable Windows Defender. The system allows us to temporarily disable it in so that it does not interfere with our daily activities. But if what you want is for it to keep working fine but not showing you false positives, then do the following method.

    Go to Windows Defender to configure notification options. click on System / Notifications and actions . Then turn off the Show notifications from these senders option.

    Go into the Windows Defender settings and check if a file should be quarantined or blocked an unknown file. Now open task manager di Windows by right-clicking on the taskbar or using the Alt + Ctrl + Del keys.

    Find the business Windows Defender notifications and right-click on it to select the End Task option. When you restart your computer, the icon should no longer appear red or yellow, indicating that there is a security problem in the system.

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    However, there is still a task to be done and that is to clear the notification cache. Go to the Windows Registry Editor and search for the address HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Classes Locale Microsoft Windows Software CurrentVersion TrayNotify . If you have Windows 10 you just have to copy and paste the path into the Editor's address bar.

    In the right pane of the Editor there is a group of files listed. Select Past Icons Stream e Icon Streams (with Shift + click combination), right click and choose the Delete option.

    Create an indicator in Windows Defender

    Another option available to deal with Windows Defender false positives is to tell you which items are safe . This is done through inclusions that allow the use of a link or file within the system.

    Log in to the application Windows security from the boot menu. Select the option Antivirus and Threat Protection , then Security Settings threats .

    create an indicator in Windows Defender

    In the exclusions section, click Add exclusions to allow access to items marked as at risk. When adding the exclusion you need to specify the type of file or process in the file, folder, file type and process options.

    Disable Windows Defender

    If you have decided that you don't want to know more about the Windows Safety and Security tool, you can disable it. Access the Windows settings from the gear icon in the start menu or with the key combination Start + I.

    Select the option Update and security . Then choose Security and Windows to open Windows Defender Security Center. Access the Antivirus and Threat Protection settings.

    Disable the Real-Time Protection option to stop Windows Defender from working. This setting will work temporarily to avoid the constant outages that the application usually experiences when it encounters constant risks.

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