How to stream or connect a tablet to a TV via USB, HDMI, WiFi, or wirelessly

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Through this guide we teach you in a basic way how to cast or connect a tablet to a TV via USB, HDMI, WiFi or without cables and thus enjoy the content of your mobile device on a much larger screen.

Although the guide below will focus primarily on Android, you should know that there is also the option to connect an iPhone to any TV with a digital AV cable. In any case, all options mentioned below may be valid depending on your mobile device.

Connect a tablet to a TV via HDMI

In most cases, connecting a tablet to the TV via HDMI is simple. Of course, this is only valid when the tablet has an HDMI output. Enough in fact connect an HDMI cable to the tablet and the TV . However, as you can see, the HDMI output in the afternoon is usually smaller.

In most cases, tablets have a mini HDMI output and some tablets also have a micro HDMI output . That said, you will need to buy a cable that has this connection and the connection your TV uses.

This option has its pros and cons, as a plus is the fact that practically each TV has an HDMI connection . In any case, having a cable permanently connected to the mobile is not the most suitable and the wireless connection may suit you better.

If your tablet does not have an HDMI output, it will be necessary buy a cable MHL with HDMI output . Even so, it is essential that your device supports this type of use. At the same time, don't forget Roku TV, which can be a good alternative for watching your favorite content on your TV.

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Connect a tablet to a TV via Wi-Fi

There are several ways to connect a tablet to a TV via Wi-Fi connection. In any case, the most recommended, at least for Android, is the using a chromecast .

If you don't know what a Chromecast is, it's a Google-developed device that lets you plug in your own device mobile devices Android to any TV . It is probably a way to turn the device (TV) into a smart device.

Using a Chromecast you can easily watch services like Netflix, YouTube and many more on your TV, by controlling them from your mobile. In turn, there is also the possibility of view the content of your mobile on the screen .

In any case, to do all of the above you will need to install and connect Chromecast to the Wi-Fi network and to the TV. After this, you will be able to enjoy all the contents on your mobile and streaming platforms on your TV.

Connect a tablet to a TV via USB

There is also the possibility to connect the mobile phone to the TV via the USB connection of the device. In case what you want is to stream files to your smart TV, don't worry, many of them have Android and detect your mobile to perform this procedure.

If, on the other hand, you want to use the USB connection to transmit the image from your mobile to the TV, you will need to purchase a suitable cable. That is, a cable with the connection USB from your mobile to HDMI . As we pointed out earlier, your mobile phone will need to be able to transmit a video signal, as is the case with the MHL protocol .

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If all of the above is true, you should have no problem connecting your mobile or tablet to your TV via HDMI. Find out only if your mobile phone and your TV are compatible with data transmission technologies.

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