How to subscribe to a Twitch Prime channel on mobile or PC? (Example)

There is no one who doesn't know what Twitch is these days, since this platform has become the home of the best players and current streamers (especially since they allow them to monetize Twitch streams). This is why everyone wants to know more about him and with that in mind, today will you learn how to subscribe to a Twitch Prime channel?

And, while this app is free, it has a great subscription that allows you to get all kinds of benefits , which strangely most are not familiar with yet, but which are extremely good.

How to subscribe to a Twitch Prime channel on mobile or PC

How to subscribe to a Twitch Prime channel?

To get right to the point and learn how to quickly subscribe to a Twitch Prime channel, what you need to know is that the process is different on mobile and PC, so this guide will be split in two.

First, we'll talk about how to subscribe to Prime from PC. To achieve this, you just have to go to the channel you want to subscribe to within the official Twitch page.

Once there, click on the button that appears in the upper right corner called "Subscribe" , with this you will see several options that you can choose, which are paid subscription types or levels. The advantage of Prime is that it entitles you to subscribe to a free channel on a monthly basis at no cost.

You can get it by giving the option that appears in that list called "Sign up for free". When you give it, everything will be ready and you will be subscribed to that channel for a full month (you can renew your subscription for free).

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Other than that, there's nothing else you can do with Prime memberships, so to get into another channel you'll have to pay a certain tier as you normally do.

Subscribe to a Twitch Prime channel from your mobile

Now that you've learned how to subscribe to a Twitch Prime channel from your PC, it's time you knew how to do it on mobile. The reality is that you cannot currently use the Prime subscription on your Android or Apple device.

As this option is not yet enabled by the creators of the platform (it should be available in the future), so the only thing you can do on your mobile is to subscribe to a paid channel.

To achieve this, you just have to start watching a live show and press the player, this action will show the video information where the "Subscribe" button will be (this button is also found in each streamer's profile).

Once pressed you will be redirected to a window where you can choose the subscription level (from mobile only level 1 is allowed), to select it just touch that level and then follow the instructions to configure a valid payment method.

Subscriptions are therefore monthly at the end of the period you will have to pay back, however this expense is rewarded by the quality of the streamers and channels; To complete your mobile experience, we recommend learning how to improve Twitch Stream Chat.

Pay for your regular subscription on PC

With the above, you already know how to subscribe to a Twitch Prime channel, so as a little extra, you'll also be shown how to subscribe to a channel the normal way from PC.

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This process is very simple , you just have to go to the profile of the player you like and press "Sign up", then you have to choose which membership level you want and press the respective button (the levels immediately appear in a list).

This will redirect you to another section where you will need to set up a payment option following the instructions on the page (you just need to add a card or other method) and voila, when you pay you will already be registered and you will enjoy all the benefits that come with that.

Remember that not only can you watch live on this platform, but you can also stream on Twitch from your mobile or PC anytime you want so you can start forming your own path.

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