How to sync WhatsApp profile photos with calendar contacts

Your mobile is the best way to communicate with others, through different instant messaging apps or the same phone line, current technology has made cell phones quite reliable when it comes to communication.

We can see this clearly in all the ways we need to be able to communicate with someone immediately at the moment we want most. We can send a text message at any time we want, we can make video calls making us feel closer to someone in particular, or we can simply send multimedia content to anyone.

However, to carry out the aforementioned activities, we often rely on third-party apps to help us communicate. Although we can communicate easily through calls and text messages without using Internet , we can certainly use it for better communication and interaction.

And, among all the apps that help us communicate, there are instant messaging applications, such as Facebook Messenger , Viber or WhatsApp; the latter is one of the most important and used for some years on the market.

Although the use of an instant messaging app varies from country to country, being the most popular, we can safely say that WhatsApp is one of the most important, and it shows thanks to the great appropriation that Facebook made a few years ago, or that allows you to create a link between the two applications, allowing for example to place Facebook videos in the WhatsApp status.

And it also shows the number of users it has on a daily basis, to the point where many try to stay active and with a good profile photo, sometimes even more attractive than the one they use on other sites. It is also possible to post a profile photo in your WhatsApp groups.

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This has led to people wanting to put these photos in their address book contacts, and if you're one of them, we'll tell you everything you need to know for that.

Synchronize the easy way

At first glance, there doesn't seem to be a good way to transfer photos of all your WhatsApp contacts to contacts in your address book, but there really are ways. The best way to do this is via an app you can get in the Play Store called Contacts Photo Sync.

It is an application that, through the permissions of WhatsApp and your mobile phone, you can synchronize the photos of WhatsApp contacts with the numbers in your rubric, although there is a downside to its use.

The app works great, but you can only sync 30 contacts before having to pay for the app and its services.

However, if you like it, remember that you can always use it however you like, especially if you have the money in your pocket like the paid version. And, if you want a similar app for your device iOS, you can download LibreContacts via the App Store, as it will perform the same operation.

The other way

Although you can always go to an application like the ones we talked about earlier, in order to be able to sync photos of the contacts of WhatsApp, keep in mind that there is no good way to do this.

Contacts cannot be synced as many times they can be done with Facebook or other social networks, so when that happens, you will have to do one of the most boring activities you can do: perform the process manually .

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It may sound a little annoying, but it's the best option that you need to have the same WhatsApp photos in yours contacts in your agenda . Just ask them to send you their photo and upload it to your mobile and sync them with a cloud to not lose that photo.

Remember that you can do this process as often as you like or whenever someone changes a photo, because with patience you can get a lot of work done in no time.

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