How to tag a person in an Instagram comment from your PC

Networks like Instagram are very important today. Since they started so many years ago, they have done nothing but evolve by adding new features and becoming more useful and complex.

Instagram started out as a fairly simple app with a few options. But those features were enough to capture millions of people who spend hours not only looking at posts, but also posting photos and videos.

With the passage of time, social networks have not only become a space to spend free time, but many people have seen the opportunity to generate money, find work, etc. Hence their usefulness is considerably great and they have become very important.

Some time ago it was thought to be a bubble effect. Which over time would end up "exploding" and social networks would fall into oblivion. However, today we are all aware that nothing would be the same without them.

They allow us to connect with people who are far away, meet new people, publish everything we do and, as we said above, earn money. Many people around the world have managed to make a living thanks to social media.

That is why one of the most important and also the simplest functions is mention someone in a comment both on PC which from mobile is extremely easy and we will see a little below how you should go to tag a person in any comment or post from Instagram.

How to mention someone on Instagram

To be able to mention or tag a person in an Instagram comment it's extremely easy. Anyone can do it in any type of publication without any problems.

For this, all you have to do is put " @ »Before that person's username. Once done, you will tag it. Eg: “My congratulations with you! @Ruben ".

This way you can tag a friend, in this case " Ruben ". That person will get a notification that they have been mentioned, so as soon as they open Instagram they will be able to immediately review your comment if they wish.

Tag a person on Instagram

The way you tag people on social media is actually always the same. In all social networks by adding the at sign (@) before the username we can name someone. That person will always get a notification so they can read your comment.

Social networks have grown considerably, gradually adding very useful and interesting functions. Mentions are essential for many situations as we can also do the same when we publish. You also have the option to translate any comments you can't understand on Instagram, so you can respond effectively.

This is quite useful for several things, either because the people or person mentioned appears in the photo or just to promote another account in case you have commercial profiles. You should know that you can delete comments on Instagram when you deem it necessary.

Remember that if you don't want people to comment on your photos or videos, disable comments on your Instagram posts so you can avoid big annoyances. We have a wide range of tutorials and tricks for Instagram . So, if you have any other questions about it, we recommend that you browse the blog to be able to evacuate any kind of doubt or solve a problem.

You can also leave us a comment a little further down in case you have any doubts about how to tag a person in an Instagram comment from PC.

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