How to take a screenshot on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo, one of the largest companies around. In its history it has the best video games and consoles the world has ever seen. Its latest creation allows you to play sitting on the sofa, stand up wirelessly and take a screenshot on Nintendo Switch (if you haven't already guessed, Switch is its name).

As you read it, Nintendo has implemented the screenshot function in this console, which will allow you to keep the memories of every special moment in it, and also to share them on the network so that all your friends can see your great skill, or simply observe what Bello is a Nintendo game.

It has been joined by other products, such as taking screenshots on my Smart TV and there is also the example of taking screenshots on Windows 10 PC with Screen Snip.

    The Nintendo Switch is a versatile product

    We all know that one of the biggest video game developers in the world is called Nintendo, and that's mainly due to versatile products it offers.

    From the Nintendo 64 to the Wii U, the company has been experimenting to find the perfect balance between graphics and gameplay. By moving from regular controllers to motion sensors and touch screens, Nintendo has raised the bar for other companies.

    And immediately after the arrival of the Switch, so to learn how to take a screenshot on Nintendo Switch , we need to know what it is based on and how it works.

    Considered by the same company a hybrid, can be used as a desktop console (need to be inserted into the docking unit and to the TV). It can also be used as a Tablet, since its screen is touch, and this Tablet itself can be placed on a table with a stand.

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    Likewise, the console has two wireless controls, the Joy-cons, which have four buttons and the respective one joystick. The controls also feature motion detection and haptic feedback.

    These work attached one on each side of the screen (as if it were portable), or together with the Grip accessory, for use as if they were Wii remotes. This is certainly one of the best consoles ever invented, thanks to its ability to create completely different games from those seen before.

    Take a screenshot on Nintendo Switch quickly and easily

    First of all, the optimal functionality of the Nintendo in all its aspects must be verified, it being sometimes necessary to increase the battery life of the Nintendo Switch to avoid problems.

    Taking a screenshot on Nintendo Switch is very simple, it shouldn't take more than five minutes, but to clarify the doubts, here is the step by step. In order to take a screenshot on the Nintendo Switch, we just need press the capture button And that's it.

    This is located just below the left Joy-con cross. And in the Lite version of the console it is located under the cross that has control.

    By pressing this button, it will take the screenshot at the moment and save it in the Switch album, to access it you just have to go to the " Menu Home "And press the section" Album ". Within the album you can edit them to your liking and share them on the networks you want.

    Tips for Synchronizing Joy-Con Controls

    Taking a screenshot on Nintendo Switch is perhaps the least you can do. Thanks to Joy-con we can play wirelessly, or from the sofa, or if we want with the combination of both.

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    However, as with the Wii, there are people and beginners who don't know how to synchronize the control. This is very simple and does the following:

    Entry into the console

    You just have to place them on the sides of the console and select " Controls " in the " HOME ", then select" Change wait mode or order ", so you just have to press the button" SYNC "for a second and that's it.

    Via USB

    Plug the Joy-con into the separately sold charging cradle, then simply plug it into the console cradle with the included USB cable and off you go.

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