How to take beautiful photos at night with my android phone easily

Do you like photography? You may not be a recognized expert, but you like taking professional photos with your mobile phone. Surely you will agree that capturing night images is quite a challenge. For this reason, in this article we will give you some tips to be able to shoot beautiful night photos with your Android efficiently.

Photos taken at night sometimes appear dark and sometimes lose focus, among many others problems which prevent the photo from coming out the way you want. We will talk about some very simple techniques that will make your images stand out and you will be able to take good pictures at night. So let's find out what they are.

      Stabilize your device when taking the photo

      Why is it so important to stabilize the device? because the camera shutter remains open much longer to absorb the little light what's up. In other words, you can't just snap the picture and walk away, you have to wait for the camera to do its job, which will take a few seconds longer than at any other time of day.

      Something that will facilitate the above is to use a tripod; this tool holds your device in place while you take the perfect shot. However, you should know that there will be images that are unlikely to be completely clear, such as objects or people moving in the scene. That's why it's crucial to plan the scene.

      By planning out the scene you will have a clearer idea of ​​what you want to highlight in it, and you will be able to decide whether or not you care if the movement of anything or anyone within the photo is recorded. Many like to play with these movements and manage to get attractive images.

      Improvise light sources in night photos

      Take advantage of any point of light around you, such as the lights on a billboard. You could also use the light from another phone, artificial and portable lights, etc. If you're photographing your friends, ask them to turn around until the light you're using reflects softly off their faces without taking away the essence of what it means shoot beautiful photo at night .

      Note: If you're using Apple's operating system, there is a way to turn on or enable Night Mode Photos on iPhone, if you're using this electronic device.

      Take care when using the flash

      You probably thought about using flash from the very beginning. But you'll want to give it some thought, as flash tends to aggressively light the scene and the results aren't as convincing.

      Only use it in a few exceptions, like text capture. We recommend in the event that the use of the flash is essential, to use that of a second phone, lit in torch mode .

      Record your night photos in RAW format

      Something else you can do is take photos in RAW format, this will take you to another level of photography. Since you can edit your images in many respects; it can bring back shadows, adjust highlights, and more without harming the image you've worked so hard to achieve. This process is possible thanks to the photo applications available in the Play Store, although some prefer to do it from a computer.

      Do not zoom when taking pictures at night

      You may have noticed that zooming photos while it is still daylight is quite counterproductive. Now imagine at night, the results are even more disappointing. The best thing you can do is capture a full picture and then proceed with the modification of what you want to highlight from it.

      Know your Android device

      Take some time to learn the camera's strengths and weaknesses Your Android device, as every device and every camera is different; they have different characteristics, interfaces and methods of use. If you have a device with a large lens aperture, the quality of the results will be better.

      If you use third-party applications, remember to try many photos in different situations until you find the one that works for you. However it is good to leave the camera in its own native format and resolution for authentic images.

      Although it is not that simple, this type of photography is worth doing, as you will get unique shots. Follow the tips you read above and enjoy taking professional photos with your Android phone, including night shots.

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