How to tell if someone has read a Gmail email I've sent

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All communication systems in the world such as the Gmail platform have grown exponentially over time and with them we can shorten great distances in seconds. However, on some occasions we were left with the uncertainty of know if other people have read a Gmail email you sent.

Many users who create a new Gmail email have requested to be able to take advantage of this feature on their platform, just like it happens on the WhatsApp App platform. Where you can really know if they have seen or read a message sent on WhatsApp. And we can tell you that today it is possible to enjoy this advantage in Gmail.

How to tell if someone has read a Gmail email I've sent

The concern whether this function can be performed is due to the importance of the information we send and in many cases how urgently we need them to be confirmed by the recipient. And by going hours or even days without a response, it generates a certain lack of control assuming that the information has not arrived at its destination.

It may also happen that by entering the recipient's email address, we can enter an incorrect data. And then the information they will go to another place that is not the desired one . So it is of the utmost importance, depending on the function you give to your email, to manage this amazing function within your platform.


    Request read receipts to know if they've read an email from Gmail

    Whether you can tell if the recipient has read a Gmail email you sent. You have to activate the extensions from the Google Chrome menu and choose the configuration option in the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.

    How to tell if someone has read a Gmail email I've sent

    Select extensions, then get more extensions and the Chrome Web Store opens, when you choose the tool you need, press add to chrome and add extension. To then press the button to connect with Google, and when you open your mail, press Allow so that the extension starts working.

    If you have your own Google Work account or work for an education center, you can avail this feature without using any extensions.

    You must only request a read receipt entering your Gmail and then hitting the compose option. Then enter the message and the subject of the message in the To and Cc sections, remember to place the recipients and know the differences and the use of CC, BCC and BCC.

    Then in the more options section, you have to press request read receipt and so you will be able to send the message; if you have sent the email to a group you will not receive a read confirmation. It must also be presented that the recipient approves the sending of said read receipt of the mail you sent him.

    Know if anyone has read a gmail email I sent with the help of add-on services

    You can now find out if the recipient you sent the information to has reviewed it. But initially on the platform you are not allowed to know if someone read the Gmail email you sent them. But if you can rely on other functions that will allow you this advantage.

    How to tell if someone has read a Gmail email I've sent

    Rely on tools that work hand in hand with your Google web browser. Some of these tools are Boomerang for Gmail, Bananatag and Mailtrack. Having one of them installed on your PC or device, you will be able to enable the feature for Gmail.

    With Boomerang for Gmail, you will be able to trace the mail you sent and you will have the freedom to decide when you want an email to be sent; in Bananatag, you have the possibility to track 5 emails sent in a day, and in the Mailtrack option, it works with a system similar to that of the WhatsApp and Messenger app.

    Mailtrack needs to show you the exact moment the mail you sent has been received and read, and you will be able to realize this when a single or double green stem appears. And this tool is so great that you can see up to what time the email was opened and how many times has been displayed.

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