How to track or trace a shipment in Chilexpress from your mobile

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If you are Chilean or live in this wonderful country, you have the possibility to send any kind of goods or documents very securely through different companies that deal with delivering the your parcels or orders in a safe port . You can do this quickly and easily from home or work anywhere in the country or the world.

That is why for some decades reliable companies have been established that you can count on to request the provision of these services, one of these and perhaps one of the largest and most important in the region is Chilexpress, founded in 1989 and today. is among the most prestigious shipping companies in Chile, but considered a free market rival for the same nation.

To report, this company in its path has expanded geographically throughout the national territory and has more than 1200 branches at your disposal , it also offers a service for making payments and transfers.

    How to use Chilexpress?

    To know how this incredible agency works, you have to visit its official website, there are clearly explained the services it makes available to users, the location of the branches, shows you which ones work, the requirements for placing your orders, etc. . ...

    Now, to use it, go to the agency closest to your location , take the package you want to send and the workers will assist you in a very familiar and cordial way; with an excellent atmosphere and quality of service.

    You can also contact them online (by entering the page or with the App), there you have to select which service to hire, specify payment methods, address where you are, also enter your personal data and you will receive them at your home or office.

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    How to download the Chilexpress application on your mobile

    Fortunately, Chilexpress has various tracking tools, among which we find the official applications for mobile phones , both Android and iOS.

    The most recognized shipping company in Chile has a new digital platform since 2016 , is a mobile application available for Android and iOS systems; created in order to improve customer and user satisfaction, also by expanding their scope and availability.

    To download it is simple, first go to the compatible app store of your mobile, there look for it with its respective name "Chilexpress" , it will appear and it's so easy to download and start using it, getting the most out of it. In any case, we provide you with the relevant links below.

    Download on Android

    We can find the application and thus access the functions provided by the platform.

    Download on iOS

    It is also possible to track and trace our Chilexpress shipments using the official application in the Apple Store, available for Apple phones and tablets.

    What is a shipment tracking number?

    When you make a shipment, the company provides you a ticket with a number or code registered in it. This figure is what allows the user to obtain real-time information on their packages, i.e. where they are, the cost, the destination, etc ...

    Many users often ask the agency: Where is the order, when will it arrive at its destination, why does it take so long for delivery? and it is because they have no information about this code or, failing that, they do not know how it works.

    How to track a shipment without a tracking number

    If you do not have the help number, you need to call the Chilexpress Customer Service Center directly. There it is necessary to provide the data relating to the person who sent, the date and any relevant information sent with him in question. By providing this information, the company will track the shipment and provide you with the tracking number of your Chilexpress shipment.

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    Track or trace my shipments

    Once you know how useful the numbers on the shipping ticket are, you need to learn how to properly track your shipment yourself; it is just as convenient as being able to track shipments from other postal services. Therefore, here we will explain the procedure it requires in simple steps:

    Using the website

    • Enter the Chilexpress official website
    • Find the magnifying glass or search engine
    • Carry out the transport order (figures on the shipping card)
    • Select the magnifying glass, wait for it to load and it will show you all possible information

    Using the App on your mobile

    • Open the application on your mobile device
    • Search the word "Chase"
    • There you write the transport order
    • Finally, the app will give you information on the status of the envelope or package you sent

    Chilexpress payment methods

    To pay for the service provided by this company, you can do it comfortably from your place of residence or work (with the app or website), even from physical offices. Chilexpress gives you the possibility to cancel with the following methods:

      How long does it take Chilexpress to deliver a package?

      Chilexpress has several delivery methods, for example, priority shipments must be delivered in periods equal to or less than 2 working days . In any case, it also depends on the distance between the city of origin and the city of destination. Understanding the varying factors, it is best to ask employees directly for the approximate delivery times of the package.

      Can I collect a Chilexpress package at a branch?

      Yup, Chilexpress presents the option of delivery to the branch , then you can provide the address of the branch you want to send you to. In turn, you can request that the package arrive at your home, but the amount may be higher.

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      How many days do I have to collect my package at the branch?

      As for deliveries to branches, Chilexpress will keep the package up to 5 days working. In any case, if more time passes, the package will be returned to the origin, so we advise you to be very aware of when you receive a package with the company.

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