How to transfer all my data from old android phone to new one? - Step by step tutorial

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Technology advances at a rapid pace, innovating electronic products that surprise us more every day. This generally occurs with mobile devices, which, year after year, bring more modern and updated models to the market so that users can enjoy the new features that are incorporated,

Despite everything, this could sometimes be somewhat counterproductive for users, since, in case of changing mobile phones to acquire a more modern one, it would mean lose all the data you had on yours old device . Or so we thought before.

Buying a new mobile no longer means losing your information, as it is now possible transfer all your data from your old android phone to a new one. This is extremely simple and no longer requires computer skills to transfer data.

In this article, we will teach you how to transfer all data from an old Android phone to a new one so that you don't lose any valuable contacts or information.

    If we have a Google account we can protect all of our data and transfer it in a manner fast and automatic on any other mobile we buy. For this we will have to go to the settings and then go to the system settings.

    In this section we will have to select the account option and select Google. Then we will go to the backup copies, which will allow us to restore or transfer data from one device to another. The last step will be to select the option for activate backup with Google Drive to have all the data in Drive.

    This method is no longer used because it is the most time-consuming procedure; however, it is still a great option for transfer data from one mobile to another.

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    To do this, all you need is the phone you want to transfer, a computer and of course the mobile phone that will hold the new files. The first thing to do is connect the mobile phone to the PC via a USB cable and you will have to copy all the data from your mobile to a folder on your computer.

    Finally, you have to connect the new phone which will receive all data you just hosted on your computer and transfer them to the new one. The procedure may take more or less time depending on the number of files to be transferred.

    Transfer data from IOS to IOS

    The best way to do this is with Iphone Quick Start. In this way we can use the information from any device using the information of our old IOS mobile.

    To do this we will have to access the quick start option and bring both phones close so that the contents are synchronized. A message will appear on your mobile asking you if you want to set up your new mobile using the Apple ID . You must accept and continue and the device will indicate the instructions to follow. This data will be stored on your Icloud.

    Transfer data from IOS to Android

    These operating systems are different and incompatible with each other, so data transfer can get a little tricky. However, this procedure can be performed thanks to various tools that Google makes available to us.

    In this case, we will have to download the application Google Drive on our iPhone and create a backup with the information and start the data synchronization process.

    The backup will save your contact information, photos among others; However, applications and their data cannot be restored. To restore the copy on our Android mobile, we will only have to access Google Drive and synchronize the account to restore the data.

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    Transfer data with apps

    While the Google method is the most recommended and reliable, there are other options in case you don't have an account and want to transfer data from one android mobile to another.

    The most effective application to do this is Copy my data. You can download this app on Google Play. You will need to download the app on both phones and start transferring data from one phone to the other.

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