How to transfer contacts from my old iPhone to another new iPhone?

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It turns out we have decided to buy a more up-to-date iPhone device, but I understand that I have a lot of important information regarding my contacts and the app, which I don't want to lose. Well, this situation shouldn't worry you, as in the following article we will show you step by step so that you can transfer the contacts from my old iPhone to another new iPhone.

There are many functions in our mobile devices and especially in those of the renowned Apple brand. This can help us to quickly switch all our photos, videos, chat applications like WhatsApp, contacts in our agenda. All these data can be transferred to a new device and here we will tell you how to do it.

All of us who have a iPhone we already know how versatile and functional these smartphones are. And through our article we teach you how to use it efficiently, just like we did to teach you the steps to follow to record incoming calls for free.

    Next we will show you what you should do for transfer contacts from my old iPhone to another new iPhone. And we will show you several methods, starting with the most common and that is the Quick Start.

    Through this method we will configure the new mobile phone, using the information of the old phone, then through a backup we can restore the other data.

    If both devices have iOS 12.4 or later operating systems, you can use the migration option via the Quick Start. So wirelessly you can pass all your data without any problem. The steps to follow are those.

    The first step is to fire up your new one iPhone and keep it close to your old computer, now on the mobile where you have all the data you will see the quick start screen. Here you will find and select the Use your Apple ID option, then choose the Continue option. You need to make sure that Bluetooth is turned on on both mobile devices.

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    Now an animation should appear on the new phone, the next thing to do is to place the old phone on the new one and that the animation is centered in the viewer. Now the following message will appear on the new device End on the new one. You will then be asked to enter the code for the old phone.

    Then you have to follow the instructions to make Touch ID or Face ID settings, all this on the new phone. Then you will be asked to enter your Apple ID match, depending on what device you have, you may have reset options. While they are restoring the App, also restoring via an iCloud backup.

    Another method that is very easy to use and that will help you transfer quickly contacts from my old iPhone to another new iPhone , is via Bluetooth. The only unfortunate thing about doing this is that iPhone doesn't allow file transfer via this tool. We will then use an application that allows us to make this transfer.

    So we will use Bluetooth Share Free and we will download and install it directly from the App Store, then open the application. There you will find a Bluetooth icon that you need to press to make it visible. The next step will be to follow the instructions to connect both iPhones, once this process is done, see the Bluetooth Share Free icon and click on it.

    When the installation process is complete, go to your Contacts, then you have to select the contact you are about to transfer and click the Send via Bluetooth option.

    Then on the other phone you have to accept the transfer and then repeat this procedure with the other contacts. And in this way we show you what you need to do for transfer contacts from my old iPhone to another new iPhone.

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