How to transfer music, movies or photos to PS4 external hard drive

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No doubt, PS4 has become a great console for all the titles it offers and why it has established itself on the market as the leading game console for over 5 years.

Its graphics, its gameplay, its online and its catalog make many users lean towards the PS4, since for many it is the ideal console because it has everything to satisfy the player's needs.

However, the PS4 does not stop there and goes further, as when reading BluRay format discs to run its games, it is also in able to play movies . But it has a small disadvantage and that is that it does not have the compatibility to put music, movies and photos on the hard disk, both internal and external. Or at least, not directly.

While it may not seem like it, many users are unaware that the PS4 has the capability to store these types of files on your hard drive. If you want to save information of this type on your PS4, we will explain how to do it easily and safely, so that you can save your photos, songs or videos and play them later on your console.

    What is an external hard drive?

    An external hard drive is a drive laptop capable of storing a large amount of information and thanks to its small size it is quite easy to carry.

    Some of these devices do not consume electricity or are powered by any type of battery from other devices. However, others a bit larger if they need to be plugged into a power outlet besides the USB connection . External hard drives are widely used to store PS4 games to free up the console's internal memory.

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    Before you can transfer movies, photos or videos to your PS4, you need to download application from PlayStation Sotre, called Share Factory. This is totally free and weighs 1 GB.

    With it you can record, screen capture of your games, edit photos and videos among other things; however, this time we will use it to be able to import files from a USB memory to the console.

    In our USB memory we will have to create a folder called SHAREfactory and inside it we will have to create other 3 folders which will be called MUSIC, VIDEO IMAGES. In each of these folders we have to place the files we want to transfer to our PS4.

    How to transfer music, movies or photos to PS4 external hard drive?

    The first thing we need to do is check if the computer reads the external hard drive of our PS4. We will have to connect it via a USB cable and if it is protected, you will not be able to see the information it contains or add files to it from your PC.

    In that case, we will have to format the external hard drive from the PS4 so that our computer can read it, but that it will not be necessary if we have a USB memory where we have the information on which we want to transfer the disk drive .

    So we will have to connect the hard drive and USB memory to our PS4. It is very important that the console is properly turned off before connecting the devices, to avoid losing any type of information.

    Once our console is turned on and loaded we will have to go to the settings, go down to the memory and we will see that the PS4 will perfectly read our hard drive.

    The next thing will be to check that the console has read the USB perfectly. For this we will have to go to the media player. Once we have confirmed that the PS4 has read the USB, we can move on to the next step.

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    At this point we will have to open Share factory in our console and select the option named import content. The next thing will be to search for the files we will import (running the process neatly from one folder to another) and press square to import the files.

    Once the process is done, we will have the files imported to our PS4's hard drive as well we will be able to access these files whenever we want without needing the USB memory. Share Factory you can transfer it to an external hard drive and in this way you store the information on the PS4.

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