How to transfer or export contacts from my Gmail account to my Outlook account - Sync contacts

When you need the contacts you have in Gmail to be in Outlook as well, you have to export contacts from Gmail to Outlook . That is, you need to perform a contact synchronization; But how is it done?

Outlook is an email owned by Microsoft , this name has replaced what we previously called Hotmail. Therefore, if you are an Outlook user, you need to have the contacts registered in Gmail. This is for when you have to send a message to someone and we have their address already saved.

switch a list of contacts from one email to another , you need to perform an export process in one email and import it into the other. However, you must have previously created a mailing list in Gmail, having previously added several contacts.

    For many people, it is necessary to have two email addresses for different reasons. This is where the exporting and synchronizing contacts from Gmail to Outlook is useful . Next we will explain how in a simple way you can easily manage your Gmail contacts in Outlook.

    Synchronize Gmail contacts with Microsoft Outlook

    The first thing you should do to move your contacts from one place to another is to log into your Gmail account. Once inside, select the utility panel , which is the dotted box that appears at the top right next to your initials in the email.

    When the options appear, open the tab "Contacts" , where you can see in the center of the screen all the contacts you have added to your list. Similarly, on the left side of the screen you will see an options panel, where you will search and select the option "Export" .

    At this point a pop-up window will appear, where you will have to tick the option 'Outlook CSV' and confirm the operation by clicking on 'Export' . This is done to create a .csv file in which all email addresses are saved.

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    Note that you need to remember exactly where this new file was downloaded, as it will be used during the importing contacts into your Outlook email.

    Import contacts from Gmail mail into Outlook

    When you have already downloaded the file with the contacts, you need to access Outlook. Once the session is started, on the left side of the screen you will find an options bar where you need to search "Open and export" . This will take you to a box with 4 options, from which you will select "Import".

    When you choose "It matters" a window will open to import a file. At this point you need to open the option "Import from another program or file" , then two options are displayed and your choice must be "Values ​​separated by commas" .

    Once you have selected the previous option, in the box that appears you have to click on 'Browse ...' to start looking for the file you previously downloaded. Next you need to choose an option to import; It is recommended to select "Do not import duplicates".

    Anyway, if you notice this part at the moment and then create duplicate contacts, there is a way to delete or combine this type of contacts. In the end, select your contacts folder which will be the destination where addresses will be imported into Outlook.

    Google and Microsoft have an agreement that allows you to easily share your contacts using Google Workspace per Microsoft Outlook . This is mostly done for businesses, but you can also do it the normal way.

    Before you can enable contact sharing in Gmail, your account must be "super administrator " o "service administrator" . Also, you can have i privileges "Services - Directory - Configuration" in a custom role. This is very important to be able to share contacts.

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    After resolving this situation, the process of activating the contact sharing feature is performed through the following steps:

      Therefore, there is no automatic way to get your contacts to Outlook . You will always have to import and export in order to have all addresses in your email. However, this process ensures that your contacts are automatically imported.

      If we place it on a scale, it is faster and easier to import and export contacts rather than entering them one by one manually. Taking into account this and the steps that previously help you transfer your contacts to Outlook, you can update your address book whenever you want.

      When the contact list you try to upload or import into Outlook is greater than 200, the platform will not allow the upload and will automatically generate an error. To solve it you need to help yourself with the spreadsheet program, for that open the CSV file in Excel.

      Once the program has been opened and the desired data, i.e. contacts, is displayed, the Excel file must be saved in .CSV format. For this click on "Saves" , Followed by "Save with name" and then enter the file name you want. You have to make sure that in "Type" you choose the CSV option .

      Now he repeats the 'Browse' process, looking for the new .CSV file created a few moments before, he is given 'Next' and confirms the contacts folder. Then, click "Next" again and complete the process of importing contacts into your Outlook account.

      In case the error indicates that the format of the .CSV file is not correct , you can download the file. Sample CSV offered by Microsoft. You will need to copy the information from the .CSV file you generated earlier. For a satisfactory reading of the file with the contacts, the following aspects must be respected:

      • If you are importing a large number of contacts, try to import them little by little . This avoids the error, even if it takes longer.
      • Column headers must be in the first row .
      • Make sure the generated file is in .CSV format .
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      Finally, the display of all the contacts that you have transferred from the Gmail account to the Outlook account is as follows: open the 'Contacts' part and check in detail that all the contacts that have been created in the other account previously have been successfully added where it belongs to Microsoft.

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