How to transfer or move my WhatsApp app to SD card without root step by step

When we think of use our mobiles quickly and immediate, we can access various possibilities that will make all this possible, since mobile devices are now an indispensable tool that has become a great ally for many people over the years. social interaction allowing a diversified and direct service.

We spend day after day in front of a mobile phone both in the work, social, or simply to have a distraction, creative time and of course with as much fun as possible, especially in the last few days due to the global quarantine we are experiencing due to the pandemic of COVID-19, we must carry out any type of business , and social networks like WhatsApp are part of it.

Advances in mobile operating systems have been groundbreaking, allowing for great speed in using them for any job, which generates much more desire to use them correctly mostly.

But do we really know what this OS problem is about? If not, we'll find out later.

    What is a root user?

    It should be noted that having the advantage of being a root user allows us to access all operating system commands that we are using in a simpler way. In other words, it is a training mode to customize the operating system in some way.

    One of the reasons people use this type of feature is to be able to delete those applications that come from the factory with the mobile phone and which in sight cannot be deleted, is also used to improve the backup of our information.

    To be clearer when it comes to customizing operating systems, we refer to the "Xposed modules" that go hand in hand with it, allow you to add new functions to the system and also to influence it in some way.

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    While this would be the perfect solution for internal storage of our files, we inform you that there is still no way to directly move the WhatsApp application to the SD card of your mobile phone. However, there is an alternative to using an external application that might allow you to make this move.

    The most practical way to perform this simple step is to root your mobile, but if that's not your case, we have an alternative for you. You must only download an application from the Google Play Store and follow a few simple steps:

    Search and install "FolderMount" from the Play Store

    • Open the app as a Super User
    • Click the + icon and create a new folder where you want your files to remain
    • In "Origin" look for the exact location your folder will have
    • Click on 'V' and this will create a folder in the SD memory of your mobile
    • Enable the option: "Exclude from scanning at source" for prevent your images or files from being duplicated
    • Go to 'Folder Pairs List' and activate the option for WhatsApp, so that the link between the Source folder and the Destination folder is generated

    Once done, any files you start receiving in your WhatsApp application will be stored directly on the internal SD.

    It is a very frequently asked question by users, and that is actually performing this function is very simple , since we can do it with root or without it, in this case to be able to do it without it, the steps with clear, prices and short.

    First of all, enter `` file manager '' on our mobile, then locate the '' WhatsApp 'folder and hold it for a few seconds, then in the lower right part of our screen the option that indicates'' more '', click there.

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    So we will have the option of `` move to '' and of course we will select the option of `` SD card '', finally press on `` accept '' and that's it we will have all our app files already moved, that's how it works easily, so just do it!

    Here we leave you the perfect alternative, to be able to move yours WhatsApp application on the SD card of your mobile using a very simple application and where you just have to follow these steps:

    • Go to the Google Play Store and download the "ES File Explorer" application
    • Open the application and move the screen to the left, to access a local folder called "SD Card"
    • Then scroll down and locate the "WhatsApp" folder
    • Mark it for a few seconds, then in the function: 'More'> 'Move to'> 'SD card'
    • Then add and create a new folder
    • Click "OK" and immediately all the selected files will be copied to the destination folder

    Why root our mobile? Advantages and disadvantages

    Many people decide to do this without actually knowing what it is and not knowing their weaknesses and strengths after doing it, we can root any mobile or tablet, that's why it's good know what we will use.

    There is no doubt that in doing so we are improving the performance of our mobile, and somehow optimizing it, and also optimizing some applications, this tool generates a quality of performance even higher than the charge of the mobile phone, so it is ideal if we think about it, we can also give root access with root genius.

    But it also has its drawbacks and that is that when we root our cell phone, it is possible or more than certain that we lose some files or applications who have been in it since its creation and we don't know if they could be useful to us at some point.

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    And likewise, the cell phone warranty is completely lost, as it is not in its factory version, therefore it would also generate a loss for us , and finally it should be noted that the commercialization of mobile phones is proceeding rapidly, emerging better technological options that we can obtain if we wish.

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