How to transfer photos from my WhatsApp to Google Photos with my Android phone or iPhone - Sync photos

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One of the most used app today is WhatsApp, as it allows communication and interaction between two or more people through an instant messaging platform.

Despite its popularity, more than one user in your community can confirm with absolute certainty that this application ends up being the one it is takes up more space within the system's internal memory , which is the removable memory that has been inserted into the phone.

How to transfer photos from my WhatsApp to Google Photos with my Android phone or iPhone - Sync photos

This is due to the constant reception of information to which this application is subject, since a considerable amount of space is absorbed by downloading multimedia contents, documents and links.

Because of this, it is common for many people to search an archiving alternative , so as not to have to suffer the problems that its lack entails.

Google Photos is the ideal option for storing and backing up your downloaded WhatsApp content

At some point we all came to know about this particular gallery which was developed by the Google company, which has a free and unlimited space to store the media you want to backup.

However, it is used for much more than backup storage media, as it can also be used as additional space to save content intended for device memory.

Here's why it is an ideal option in case there are faults in the internal space , due to the constant bombardment of information that WhatsApp delivers to computers.

It should be noted that while this ends up being an online platform, it still has the characteristics of a gallery, so it allows you to save, edit and share files in the same way as your device's default schedule.

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How to sync WhatsApp storage with Google Photos app?

As mentioned above, this free platform provided by Google allows you to enable a storage space for those applications that you need to exclude from your internal memory.

Fortunately to achieve this you only need to synchronize the application with Google Photos, which can be done from a computer or a phone, but in this case it will be via mobile devices such as Android and iPhone.

Use your Android phone to sync WhatsApp with Google Photos

Through the Google Play Store you can download the gallery application in question, in order to install it on your device and start using it to free up storage space.

Once this is achieved, all you have to do is log into the program with your Google account and access its home interface, which, in this case, displays a menu icon at the top left of the screen.

These three lines have an option called "Photo Settings" for configure the "Backup and synchronization" established by the program. This means that it is possible determine the folder of WhatsApp images and videos as the synchronization source to automatically archive all of its content.

Synchronize the program via iPhone

Both operating systems are noticeably different, because unlike Android, the Apple app it does not determine the exclusive source to perform the backup .

Instead, the user will need to make a backup of all the content of your photo gallery , which will be synchronized automatically and can free up the necessary space inside the device.

Once these copies have been made, each user will determine whether it is necessary to delete images and videos from Google Photos, without deleting those found within the device, or on the contrary, work on the basis of the support of this digital platform.

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Whichever case is closest to yours, you should know that Google Photos works like a useful alternative for those who want to free up the space occupied by WhatsApp , in order to give it a better use or implement in this way to organize multimedia content in a better way.

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