How to Transfer Pictures from Google Photos to Shutterfly - In just a few steps

In today's article we will talk about Google Photos and Shutterfly , examining how to move images between these cloud photo and video storage services. To continue, we need to know what each of these platforms is.

Developed by Google, Google Photos is as we have already said, a platform where we save space on our phone, by mounting all our photos on our private cloud . It was released in 2015 and it is common for it to be installed by default on newer versions of Android.

On the other hand, we have Shutterfly, which was created by the photography company of the same name. This platform does focus more on creating photo albums . Many people use both apps, but find themselves in the situation where they want to insert photo collections without knowing how to do it. This is why we will see how in this article.

Send photos from Google Photos to Shutterfly and vice versa Is it possible?

Indeed. Actually both Google Photos and Shutterfly are compatible with each other , also having the ability to link folders from one platform to another. In the specific case of Shutterfly, you can get photos not only from Google Photos, but also from Instagram and Facebook, therefore there is no impediment to exchanging photos .

How to use the Shutterfy app to upload photos from Google Photos

For this task, the most advisable thing would be that we have previous knowledge of Google Photos, because if we don't have it, this task capable it will take longer than normal . First of all, we need to be logged in with a Shutterfly account and Google Photos.

Once this is done, we enter our Shutterfly account, where in the upper right corner we find the option "My photos" we will have the possibility to see the photos we uploaded later, but let's go where it says' Connect with Google Photos ' after a while', we will have all the Google Photos cloud memory loaded into Shuttergly .

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This procedure can be applied easily from our phones, even from a computer. So we will have no problem always carrying a memory with us, using only the cloud of both platforms .

How to upload photo folders to Shutterfly for free from Google Photos

We have already seen how to transfer photos from Google Photos to Shutterfly, but now we need to see How do I transfer albums from Shutterfly to Google Photos? Many people often ask themselves, do you have to pay anything? And the answer is no. This procedure is completely free .

To begin with, we must once again have our accounts open on both platforms, from the same "My Photos" space located in our Shutterfly account, let's proceed with the exporting our photos to Google Photos . With the passing of a few minutes we can get the amount of photos and albums we want.

Once, these platforms are very compatible with each other and with other social networks, websites and devices, as well as the transfer from Google Photos to our phone. All without any limitation among those developed.

Give Android and iOS

When it comes to doing this with an Android device or a device that uses iOS, everything this procedure will have to be controlled by the apps of both le platforms available. It may be more "boring" not to use two windows at the same time to do this, but we can still do it this way.

From the PC

Both platforms have an excellent design for desktop computers, therefore the previous steps can be easily followed from the web pages of both platforms, being even simpler than a mobile device.

Can I add photos and albums to Shutterfly with an iOS device?

Yes, sure, you can install the Google Photos application on your iOS device , as well as view and create a shared photo album on your iPhone. Well, this knowledge is needed to properly manage your pictures and albums.

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However, you have to keep in mind that the Google Photos application, for apply this process with Shutterfly , is only available on iPhone and iPad, excluding other iOS devices.

You can apply it from a Mac computer whenever you want and adding images and albums from Google Photos doesn't have to be a complicated process; you just need the tools and a good internet connection for everything you will do.

The latter is important, because if the Internet connection is unstable when adding images and albums, the process may stop and crash, having to start over by selecting the images or albums you want to add to this amazing platform named after Shutterfly.

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