How to troubleshoot my Mac when it won't boot

While using your Mac computer, at some point it may have some kind of malfunction, which prevents it from working properly. An example of these situations is when your Mac fails to "boot" or turn on.

Many of the times this happens, the cause is unknown, since there is a large margin of error which can be summarized in problems of the hardware or software that compose it.

Apple company's products, especially computers, have a reputation for being high-performance equipment, so such a situation is usually strange. In any case, this is not a reason to trust, so in this article we will talk about possible solutions that will help you recover your computer .

Make sure your Mac doesn't really turn on

Ignition and starting are two very different functional aspects. Well, it may happen that the equipment does not turn on at all, or it is simply not able to carry out the process correctly.

To verify, press the power button and check for any signals beeps or lights that the computer may emit. If nothing happens, check that the computer is properly connected to the power outlet, in the same way as a laptop, that its battery is charged and properly installed.

For these situations it is sometimes necessary to unplug all devices connected via USB cables, as they can cause these kinds of problems as well. It is always advisable to keep a backup copy of the computer and documents in such situations.

Can't start your Mac computer? Try to troubleshoot the software

One of the reasons a device might stop turning on is that the its functionalities directly influence the procedure . So, try the following solutions:

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Reset RAM memory parameters

Inside the computer it is known by the acronym of PRAM, which is nothing more than the storage site of those data and settings that have been applied to the equipment. To get started, turn on your computer and immediately enter the key combination " Command + Option + P + R ".

You should keep the keys pressed while the Mac restarts, as after the power up sound is heard a second time, that is, when you can release them. From there you can evaluate if the computer acquires the indicated operation again.

Start your computer in safe mode

In case the above solution has not achieved anything, you can always try the safe mode that came with your computer. Through this method you will be in degree of run utilities that will restore Mac operation , running solutions, deleting corrupted files, among other things.

You can enable it if you turn on your computer and hold down the "Shift" key until a blue screen appears. If you can start using this link, it's because Safe Mode has already taken care of fixing software errors, so you'll just have to restart your computer and continue using your computer as you did regularly.

Do you consider this a hardware problem?

As you use your Mac computer, it will gradually deteriorate, so it is recommended regular maintenance to avoid these and other situations in the future.

Since the appliance cannot turn on, it is advisable to check that the hard disk sia still connected properly, otherwise you can try to test it on another computer.

If you finally get a positive answer in any of the options, unfortunately you will have to buy a new hard drive to use your computer again, even if without the information you previously stored.

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In conclusion to the above, although Mac system is highly recommended and with few proven failures, it does not indicate that they never have an expiration date. Therefore, carry out adequate maintenance of the equipment from time to time will help extend its operation, as well as keep backup copies handy.

Only in this way will you be able to avoid this type of inconvenience, inconvenience and even exaggerated expenses to recover this type of device.

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