How to turn autoplay videos on and off in Google browser

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Android has many very useful default applications, such as the Google search engine , a simple but effective application to easily search for information on the Internet . In any case, you may not like some of the new features, so today we bring you the tutorial on how to activate and deactivate the automatic playback of videos in the Google browser.

How to turn autoplay videos on and off in Google browser

The Google application is very easy to use, all you have to do is search for what interests us and press the button near . Either way, one of its updates makes videos autoplay, which might be annoying for some users, which is why most choose to disable Chrome updates.

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      Google's search engine

      The famous company Google owes its fame precisely to the development of one specific tool , we refer to its search engine. The Google search engine is very famous, in fact its relevance is immeasurable and today it is part of the daily life of anyone who uses a mobile phone or a computer.

      The truth is that the Google search engine facilitates it surfing the Internet at extraordinary way. Before it existed, browsing the Internet was not the same, as users had to know the address of the pages they wanted to visit, which was very inconvenient.

      Google fixed this problem and while other search engines have emerged over time, the truth is that Google continues to lead this industry today. It was only a matter of time before this application appeared on mobile devices .

      While the Google search engine appears as the default application and is, like its desktop counterpart, one of the most used applications to search internet searches . In any case, some updates have annoyed users, such as in the case of auto-playing videos. Something we will teach you to solve here.

      How to turn on and off the autoplay of videos in the Google browser

      This tutorial focuses on disabling video autoplay in the Google search engine. If you have this problem, you should know that the process is very simple, all you have to do is follow a series of basic steps, which we will indicate below.

        Why is it convenient to disable autoplay?

        Many users like this option as much as it could be Useful for things like searching for a music video or movie trailer. In any case it can also become annoying when the video that is being played is not to your liking or is not what you were looking for.

        Likewise, there is another point why it is better to disable this option, we refer to data consumption. Surely if you are browsing the Google search engine with little data, you don't want the automatic video playback end up consuming your share.

        For the above and many other reasons, you may be interested to know how enable and disable the automatic video play option in Google.

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