How to turn my Android mobile into a metal detector?

Who hasn't happened to have a screw or a metal object fall to the ground while doing housework. Or in the garden you lose your ring or another garment and how we would like to have a metal detector at that time. Well, don't look far, with an application you can turn your android mobile into a metal detector.

How to turn my Android mobile into a metal detector?

Everything seems to indicate that the cellular is becoming the Swiss Army knife of modern times. Where you will always find a useful and necessary tool to solve any problem, so do the inventory. It has a flashlight, radio player, video player, camera, calculator, magnifying glass, games, maps, navigator, clock, voice recorder, calendar, etc.

Is that you can even enable or activate the gyro in the devices Smartphone Android , is that undoubtedly we do not cease to be amazed by everything we can do with them. And everything to come, as application developers work day and night to offer users unique and useful news in our daily life.

    This is a fact that perhaps very few people know, but mobile devices, that is, your phone Android it has a magnetometer inside. It is a type of sensor capable of detecting electromagnetic fields.

    Through this knowledge, an App has been created that is able to use this sensor and therefore to indicate when we are in the presence of metal objects.

    This way you can search for any lost metal objects, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, screws, pendants, etc. and use it wherever you are.

    You just have to activate the App and start your search right away and as long as possible and find a treasure. That's why we will tell you below how to turn my android mobile into a metal detector.

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    There is actually a huge variety of these metal detectors in the Google virtual store and you can use whichever you prefer, it's just a matter of trying them out one by one.

    But if you allow us to give you some advice, you can install the App completely free of charge, obviously by entering from the Play Store.

    First of all we can see that the interface is very striking and colorful, we can adjust the look of our application. Making use of the great variety of styles and colors that we can apply and which are to our liking. With this application you can detect any magnetic field or metal quickly and easily.

    Once installed on your mobile, it will show you a tutorial in which it clearly explains how it works. So you have to pay close attention to its directions, but you may be wondering how the App communicates with the user to indicate that we have found the metal object.

    Well this is very simple, in the App Settings, you can configure it so that you can receive a sound or that your equipment vibrates in the presence of the metal object. You can also activate both forms of notification. But it will also show you on the screen, what is the distance to which the object is located and by means of circles they will orient you with respect to its direction.

    It is possible that sometimes the magnetometer loses calibration, so to solve this problem, it is enough to move the mobile in multiple directions. As you can see it is a tool extraordinary e very useful, especially for the elderly or for those with vision problems and it is a bit difficult to find metal objects on the ground.

    And so ends this article, which was very interesting and showed us that the applications we can have on our mobile seem to be endless. So now you can add this tool and you will have the necessary knowledge for turn my android mobile into a metal detector.

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