How to turn off do not disturb mode while receiving a call?

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Phones are those indispensable tools. They are made to keep us in touch with the world and also to give us comfort. But, from time to time, you have to turn off and be aware of the minimum. That's why it's good know how to turn off do not disturb mode when receiving a call.

It's similar to turning Always on Display on or off on any Android, but obviously this has very different functions.

How to turn off do not disturb mode while receiving a call

And it is no less, using the do not disturb mode is always good when you want to enjoy a moment of relaxation with your family or alone, but there are very committed who just can't afford to completely disconnect, which is why here today is the solution.

      What is Do Not Disturb Mode?

      To know how to deactivate do not disturb mode when receiving a call, it is good to first have in mind what this mode is, because although it is present in most phones, not everyone is familiar with this term.

      It's very simple, this function is designed so that when it is activated, it turns off or silences all notifications, calls or sounds in general from the phone. If what you read looked like similar to airplane mode, it is because they are distant cousins.

      The do not disturb mode does not turn off all networks, to not allow anything to happen, you can activate and configure the do not disturb mode of Android or iPhone to decide from which numbers you want calls to come in, and also if you want the notifications do not ring but if they turn on the screen as an alert.

      Turn off do not disturb mode when receiving a call, feature settings

      How to activate do not disturb mode while driving my car is a very common question and its answer even more so being supported by the exact configuration of this mode.

      Setting up do not disturb mode is very simple and depending on what we want, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes of our life. First of all, to access this function, go to the "Quick settings" bar of your mobile phone, here you obviously select the option called "Do not disturb".

      Once inside the function you will see that a menu appears with three options that can be placed, the first called: "Total Silence" which is the most serious of all, as it blocks all phones sounds, including all programmed alarms.

      The second is called “Alarms only” this, as the name specifies, silences everything except the alarms you set. And finally the third is called "Only with priority", this option is the least serious and the necessary one, as it leaves specific alarms, reminders, application sounds and calls free.

      The best thing about this mode and what will help us deactivate do not disturb mode when receiving a call, is the simple fact that we can configure it to our liking, with the options "Until this option is deactivated", with a certain Time (we can enter a period of time and then automatically it will be deactivated as 12 hours).

      And not least "Until the next alarm", which is similar to the previous one with the exclusivity that even in total silence mode, the alarm will sound.

      Mute when you get a call or better allow a call

      There's really no need to disable Do Not Disturb mode when you get a call. You just have to configure the contact from whom you want to receive calls, messages or other.

      In the same Do Not Disturb menu there is an option called "More options", press there. Just then another menu will appear where you can configure automatic rules, such as: on which day of the week and at what time the mode will be activated or on which events it should be activated.

      But what interests us is the section “Allow priority only” , here we can configure which users (regular or prominent) can call or send SMS, you can also make “Repeated calls”, so the phone rings if it's the second time they've called in 15 minutes.

      With these options it is not necessary to deactivate the do not disturb mode, it can simply be adapted to the needs of the person. If it's a call from a boss or an important family member, all you have to do is allow the contact to access you in this mode and that's it. So you can rest and at the same time maintaining responsibilities.

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