How to turn off the computer remotely from my Android phone

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Technology, in addition to increasing the horizon of possibilities, also tries to maintain the comfort of users, therefore turning off the computer remotely is one of the facilitations that we have tried to obtain with these means.

Either out of desperate need or because for some reason you don't want to get up for turn off the computer , ways have been developed to achieve this.

Android devices are part of the mobile most requested today, for which among its applications there are the tools indicated.

In case you are interested in manipulate your home computers wirelessly , you should know that through your mobile phone you will be able to do this, so keep reading this space to find out more.

How can you turn off your computer from your mobile?

The method by which this works is similar to trying to operate a smart TV accessory through a phone. Everything is possible if you use a network connection and an application in between, which will allow an interconnection between both aspects .

Therefore, here we will teach you how synchronize both computers to create the ability to manipulate the functioning of computers from your mobile phone.

Unified Remote, a control for turning off the computer from a mobile device

Through an Internet connection, you just need to access the official Unified Remote page to be able to download the program safely.

Through our Google Play Store, on the other hand, you can also find the application enabled for any device that works with the Android operating system.

Once both aspects have been acquired, it will only be necessary that the devices are connected to it wireless connection network and synchronized with the same IP and MAC address of the computer.

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After entering this data, you will be able to manipulate when to shut down your computer, or if so suspend it, lock the screen, among other functions.

Simple security: remote PC lock and power controller

Included in the group of programs that allow manipulation of the operation of a computer, which can be acquired free of charge through the Google Play Store and official software pages.

Once Simple Security has been downloaded and installed on both computers. All you have to do is synchronize them with each other to start enjoying this benefit .

To achieve this, start by opening the program inside your computer and from the start window you will be able to see the IP address and MAC address that must be entered in the application phones.

If it is your preference, you can also set a password to increase the security parameters.

At the end of entering the data necessary to configure the synchronization. You just have to click on the "Run" button located on the computer server.

From now on, you can manipulate your computer from your phone with essential actions. Including shutting down your computer, hibernating, restarting, among others.

TeamViewer, a very dynamic application

Despite being in last place, it does not detract from the fame of this program so recognized in the computer world. TeamViewer is a free program available in the Play Store, capable of performing this type of activity.

By simply downloading and installing the software, the data needed to enter the phone will be provided via the computer. It will be nothing more than an identification and a password predetermined by the program.

After establishing the connection, you will be able to have multiple access and absolute computer manipulation. Where you can turn it off with ease.

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As we have already shown you, turning off your computer from a phone as if it were a remote control is quite simple. Simply using the necessary tools connected via the means indicated. You can ensure your comfort and start taking care of other aspects of greater importance.

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