How to unblock pop-up windows in Firefox easily

Every time you touch the theme of efficient browsers and that allow custom configuration, Firefox stands out. Direct competition from Google, without knowing which is the best and which intends with its many changes to subtract the preference it has enjoyed for years. But it turns out that we come back with ignorance of very basic functions and then we will point out what we should do for easily unblock pop-up windows in Firefox.

In the case of pop-ups or as they are also known as popups, in some cases they can become a real nuisance. Yep, when we do our research on the net, they appear out of nowhere for show us advertising of different types of products, which usually has some relation to the page you are visiting.

How to unblock pop-up windows in Firefox easily

As we have already told you, this browser allows you to activate or deactivate functions in a very simple and fast way and we have seen it in previous articles. Where we show you how to disable or remove Firefox notifications in Windows 10. But now we'll teach you how to unblock pop-up windows in firefox easily.

    How to unblock pop-ups in Firefox easily

    It turns out that the ones that seem annoying to others may seem perfect and if you want to enable this feature, we'll show you what you should do.

    Likewise, this tutorial will work for you if you want to block this feature again. So, without further ado, let's follow the steps you need to follow for easily unblock pop-ups in Firefox.

    As a first step you have to enter the Mozilla Firefox browser, once you are in the search engine, you have to locate the three-line icon on the right side of the window. Create a clip here to display a context menu. And you need to find and select the Options option, it contains a gear icon.

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    You will now see several options such as General, Home, Search, Firefox Account, Privacy and Security. In the latter option you have to click, this action will take you to a window where you will find different sections and each with different options. You need to go down so you can find the Permissions section.

    In this section you will find several options that you can configure such as Location, Camera, Microphone, etc. In our case we will see the option Block pop-up windows. Since it must be locked, this option must be selected. To unlock it you have to uncheck it and you are ready.

    How to unblock pop-ups in Firefox with exceptions

    If you can look at the right side of the Block Pop-up Windows option, you will find the option Exceptions. Through it, you can perfectly adjust the appearance of the advertisement, if you click on this option, you will be shown a list with the different web pages. Here you will have the option to add web addresses that you trust.

    At these addresses you can allow the display of pop-up windows , but you also have the power to delete those websites from the list that you don't want to see pop-up windows. It is a great option that will allow you to have complete control of your browser regarding the presence or absence of different pop-ups or advertisements.

    Whenever you want to make a change involving pop-ups, you need to follow the same path. Block them or unlock them it's very simple, it won't take hours to do it, it's just a few seconds to follow the path and activate or deactivate this function. You can waste a little more time by making Exceptions.

    See how easy it is to make changes in the Mozilla Firefox browser, which is not complicated at all and can even become your default browser, although you can do it in Google Chrome too. And most of all, you have been able to learn how to unblock pop-ups in firefox easily.

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