How to uninstall Family Link - the simplest solution

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You may need to uninstall Family Link on a device if you no longer want to use this popular one parental control app .

Sometimes on the net we can find content not suitable for the little ones in the house, that's why Google has created the Family Link, which is a parental control to protect what our children see or download; Besides that, Google also directly offers you the option to block adult pages without having to download anything.

It's not just Google that has created this type of applications, if you search the Play Store you will find many applications that will help you control what your children see on their phone.

But, as is the case in many cases, the process of eliminating it is not as simple as said and done. Therefore, we bring the best way to fix this problem in a quick and easy guide .

How to uninstall Family Link - the simplest solution

      How can I easily uninstall Family Link?

      The user must have at hand the device from which the application will be removed, in order to start the detailed process.

      Next, you should look in the list of programs and options for the one intended for " Settings "o alle" Configurations ", this may vary based on the version of Android you have.

      After that, you will have to scroll until you find the section " Staff " and, from the available choices, choose " Account ".

      As a result, the Android device will refresh the window to the section where it locates all accounts synced with it.

      As you can see, there is no option that directly says "Family Link", so you will have to select accounts above" Google ". So that you can view all profiles.

      In this way, proceed to press on the profile from which you want to uninstall Family Link, or the one that is associated with said App.

      Make sure it's not your main session, because with this method what you get is completely deleting your account to get rid of the application.

      Now, back to the window" Synchronization " of the account, on some computers you will find the option " Delete account " at once.

      While, in the other cases, you have to locate and press the menu at the top right, marked by three vertical dots. Due to this action, you will have two options, of which you will choose the second, called " Remove account "

      Therefore, when you perform any of the presentations, the system will ask you if you want to " Delete account ", then you will need to confirm to uninstall Family link and the whole profile.

      Remove the Family Link account from the app

      If what you want is to remove the account directly from the application, you will only have to do it from the computer in question.

      Then choose the option " Settings management " , so you can select " Account information " when the former is updated.

      Finally, you have to click on the mode " Delete account ", then follow the instructions of the App to the letter and thus delete the profile without having to uninstall Family Link.

      Delete from browser

      When this parental control has been configured for the Google Chrome browser, the procedure you need to follow is slightly different, but just as simple.

      In this case, you will need to access the Google account through which you perform parental supervision of the other profiles.

      Then, you have to click or select the option corresponding to your child's account or the one you want to delete. Although it is advisable to check if it meets the parameters established by the company to carry out this action.

      Therefore, you can proceed by clicking on the property " Parental settings ", followed by the option " Other Well, next, you'll need to look for profile information in the left-hand menu.

      To complete this step, you will have the option to choose the option " Delete accounts and data " and access to your son's, daughter's or dependent's profile.

      As you may have seen, it is quite easy to remove Family Link and no matter which section of the guide you use, you will get the desired results.

      But beware! Think twice before deleting any account, as you will not be able to recover your data or profile after doing so. You will lose photos, contacts, history and any other information it contains.

      If you want to protect your children and prevent them from watching videos that are not suitable for their age, YouTube also gives you the option to activate the restricted mode.

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