How to uninstall or remove games and applications on my Android TV step by step

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If we want to spend some time entertaining, the Android TV they are undoubtedly the best option , a smarter and more creative way to watch movies, enjoy apps, games and more.

Therefore it is one of the highest quality operating systems in the Android TV market , compared to others that don't have the same functions, this is a favorite in the world.

When you get a smart TV there are many reasons for do not watch the usual TV channels, so that is where we can enjoy streaming platforms, such as creating an account on Netflix, Disney + or using Spotify or Twich, where we can enjoy more content on video games, of course we must have a subscription in advance on these platforms in order to enjoy the contents.

It should be noted that these Android TVs come from the factory with their controls, but nevertheless we can transform the mobile into a remote control, for greater comfort in use.

For all these conveniences, you need to know how to uninstall or delete games and applications on my android TV step by step. And we will tell you about it in this article. Read on and know all the details.

    The best apps for Android TV

    If we are going to buy an android TV , we must know which applications cannot be missing when it comes to having it, to have better fun and spend pleasant time, within them we have VLC in its latest version, if we want to have a quality video player, this is the best option, being easy to use and powerful in your work, allowing us to play any kind of content.

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    Second, we must install Puffin TV Browser , which is basically a special browser for TV, since browsers like Google Chrome, Explorer or Firefox are, as we know, the ones used on mobile phones.

    As if that weren't enough, Android TVs are equipped with their own controls, but Cetus Play gives us the ability to connect our mobiles to perform this function, which we can use as the main game controller or mouse when select a function within the TV.

    To make a better trip to the world of android TV, we cannot leave aside Stadia, one of the best video game applications, which offers us endless options while playing.

    This question is very frequent in Android TV users, as we sometimes want delete applications or games that we have installed because we no longer use them or they are simply not to our liking, but doing it is simple, since we can do two ways the first is from the configuration, and the second is from the Play Store, in the first option these are the steps to follow:

    Locate us on the screen or in the main menu of our Android TV , we will see the option of '' settings '', we will click there, then the option of '' device '' will be moved, which is the one we have to select, and then '' applications ''

    Once this is done, we press where it indicates '' downloaded applications '' and we have to choose the application or games that we want to uninstall or delete, after choosing it, we select on '' uninstall '' and finally '' accept '', and done is done.

    And to do the same from the Play Store we must, of course, open the app Play Store on our Android TV, after that we go to the `` list of installed applications '' and select the one we want to delete or the game and click on `` uninstall ''.

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    In conclusion,

    From the settings

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    Some functions I can perform with my Android TV

    There are multiple functions we can perform with these devices, one of them is that we can install bluetooth keyboards , simply by going to '' settings '' and pressing '' sync devices '', we will have a more manageable way while using it with greater convenience.

    The best and most positively acclaimed feature is the voice control, since Android TVs they have a specific button that basically provides the option of `` remote control '' where we can search for content, such as applications or games, simply by talking, making better use of it.

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