How to unlink or delete my Call of Duty Mobile account from Facebook

If you've wondered how unlink or delete my Call of Duty Mobile account from Facebook? Either because you want to use only the Activision account or you just don't want to play this episode anymore, you will have to follow the steps that we will tell you below.

Facebook is a social network that, in addition to offering you the messaging service we all know, allows us to connect apps to identify us quickly, this is the case of Call of Duty Mobile , which can be linked to our Facebook account as a registration method. The game may have problems opening using the mobile network, however this can be easily fixed.

What are the benefits of having my Call of Duty Mobile account linked to Facebook?

For many, it is a frequently asked question whether or not to link their favorite apps with the Facebook app, because they are afraid to share their personal information.

However, linking your account can be of great help if you do not wish to complete the registration forms or create an account on a particular platform. Some people even claim to increase the performance of their game if they are not logged in with Facebook, as they do not have to wait for confirmation from the social network before they can log in.

For this reason, many users prefer to simply connect their apps and access the content immediately. In the case of Call of Duty Mobile, doing this can be very useful because you can play with your friends at any time and invite them to custom games.

Another benefit of being connected via Facebook is that you will see a list of friends who are also playing. Thus ensuring that you can play with them at any time by simply inviting them. If you haven't installed Call of Duty Mobile yet, you can do so from its official website or via an APK.

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How do I unlink my Call of Duty Mobile account from Facebook?

To disconnect your account you must first have the Facebook app installed on your mobile device and log in with the same account where you have Call of Duty Mobile. Then you have to open the menu on the right, where we can find all the settings of the app.

If you scroll down the menu you will find the security section, where you will need to mark the 'Business' option , one of the first options, is a logged session, in this section we will see all those apps that we have associated with our Facebook account and from this menu we can not only disconnect Call of Duty, but any other we want.

Also in this menu there will be apps that no longer exist or that have expired, but which still have our start data, we can on the one hand renew sessions, or delete them completely. In the case of Call of Duty, you just have to tap to select it.

Once marked, you will have to slide your finger up and look for the box that says "delete", you will be asked if you are sure and that Facebook will delete your startup data and press yes. With this you will have unlinked your account and will be able to start with your Activision account normally.

What are the disadvantages of unlinking my account?

One of the main downsides of not having our account linked to Facebook is that we won't be able to see our friends who are playing, so you would only see those who have a account su Activision . It should be noted that the reverse process is also possible and you can delete your Activision account and you would only have friends connected to Facebook.

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Another factor to take into consideration is that if you lose access to your Activision account, you will have no other way to recover your username, as it is not registered with Facebook, so you must be careful when logging out.

Other than that, there are no major factors that represent a disadvantage for the tuo account Call of Duty Mobile , if you are careful and keep your password in a safe place.

You should always remember not to provide may personal data to other players , because they may try to use your username and change your account details, which would cause you to completely lose access.

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