How to unlock iPhone 11 Pro and Max with password? - Super quick and easy

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Learn to unlock a iPhone 11 Pro and Max with a password is one of the pieces of information you need to know, and more if you own one of the two devices. However, it won't be as simple as unlocking or unlocking a Motorola phone for free.

Everyone knows a person who has forgotten the password of the device, they think that there is nothing to be done. But that's not the case, there are methods that will allow you to reuse your device without problems.

How to unlock iPhone 11 Pro and Max with password? - Super quick and easy

If it is possible to easily unlock an iPhone XS and XS Max if you have forgotten the password, obviously it will be possible to do so with an iPhone 11 pro and Max.

In some cases, the downside is that you will lose information that was not previously stored in the cloud. So, for that reason, I will teach you through this article how to unlock an iPhone 11 Pro and Max with a password.

    Unlock your iPhone

    As I mentioned, when you accidentally forget your iPhone password, there are some processes that can be performed to use the device again.

    So for unlock an iPhone 11 Pro and Max with a password, you will simply perform the following steps which I will leave you below.

    Do not remember the password but if iCloud

    If you want to unlock an iPhone 11 Pro and Max with a password, since for some reason you can't remember the unlock pattern, follow these steps.

    You need to connect your powered off mobile to computer with iTunes application open (you need to download, install and use iTunes in Ubuntu, Windows or whatever operating system you have).

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    The apple logo will appear, at that moment it is necessary simultaneously press the volume minus button (vol. -) and the power button for about 10 seconds, until the screen turns off. Release the power button but continue to hold the volume minus button (vol. -) for another 30 seconds.

    At a certain point the computer will recognize your mobile in DFU mode , then you can stop pressing the button. You just have to wait for the program to do all the work, download the software from your device and install it.

    Then the mobile device will be formatted, this means that you will lose the information stored on it unless you have previously made a backup.

    When you restart your iPhone it will be like the first day you bought it. If you have an active iCloud account, you have to re-enter your email and password.

    ICloud block

    ICloud lock is one of the things I don't want to happen to you, as there is currently no software that can fix this type of failure.

    In rare cases, when the device is jailbroken, technicians perform some methods to perform unlocking , but it is very unlikely that it will be fixed.

    In these cases, the best solution for iCloud lock is to go to the Apple offices located in your area.

    As they have the necessary tools to perform and resolve this type of lock via the cloud or iCloud.

    Reset to factory settings

    One of the options available in case you want to sell your equipment, you don't want your information to appear and your cellphone to be like the first day.

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    Then you can do a factory data reset, for this you have to go to the option " Settings ", then click" General ".

    Now you will select " Restore ", followed by "Delete content and settings". And finally, click on the option " Delete iPhone ".

    If you have a password, the device will ask you for it. And if you have the ability to search for active iPhone, you need to enter the email and password.

    You must remember that by performing this procedure all information found on your device will be erased, so make a backup of your information beforehand.

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