How to unlock iPhone X with password quick and easy? - Step by step guide

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All of us, as users of a telecommunications company, need to be vigilant and vigilant when it comes to the security of our mobile devices.

Sure, companies like Apple implement services that help us in these cases, but when it's our mistakes, we want to fix them ourselves, in the end it's our forgetfulness that can get us stuck on our own iPhone X.

How to unlock iPhone X with password quick and easy? - Step by step guide

In the following tutorial we will show you how to unlock our iPhone X with a quick and easy password, a step by step guide.

In general, it is possible to apply the same unlocking method to our iPhone devices that we saw in the article on how to unlock an iPhone quickly and easily. But when it comes to a iPhone X, the things can be a little more complex. So below we will explain what you should do to unlock our iPhone X with a quick and easy password.

How to unlock my iPhone X with a quick and easy password

There is a very effective technique that you can use when you don't remember the unlock pattern of your iPhone X. So don't keep regretting the oblivion you had, but if you at least try to do something about your forgetfulness, try to draw the unlock pattern of your mobile phone.

In order for you to unlock your iPhone X after forgetting your password, or it is invisible, you need to perform the following steps. First you need to download the application called 4uKey . It is free and works for both Mac and Windows OS computers.

When you have installed it on your computer, you have to open the program after which, through a cable you have to connect your iPhone X to the PC. We verify that it recognizes the mobile phone and click on Trust this device. Now let's go to your PC and see that only one button appears in the application interface, this shows you how simple it is to use it.

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With this button you can do several things, the first of which is download the latest update for your device . It will also perform a reset of your iPhone X, erasing everything, including the password or unlock pattern you forgot. The unfortunate thing about all of this is that you will lose all the information you had, including photos, music, images, etc.

But you can always recover most of your files thanks to your iClound account where you can store your photos and other files on your iPhone X or even make backup copies to avoid occasions like this.

How to use the app to unlock an iPhone X

Let's go to the interface and click the Start button, it will show you in which folder the file is downloaded, if we want to change the address, click Browse. In any of the selected cases, you need to create a clip on the Download button. And in this way, the download of the latest version available for yours will begin iPhone X.

This process can take several minutes, when finished, it will now show you in the application window the Start unlock button, which we need to click. It will immediately start showing you that the security code has been removed. It will also instruct you not to turn off or unplug the device.

During this process your mobile will restart and shut down several times, this will indicate that the relevant changes have been made. When the process is complete, the PC will indicate that the security code was successfully removed . And you are ready, you just have to wait for your mobile device to boot and verify that the unlock code has actually been removed.

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And so in this simple way and using a great application, you were able to solve a situation that was driving you crazy with simple steps. And through this tutorial you could learn how to unlock our iPhone X with a password, when you forgot it.

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