How to Update My Android Phone ROM to Latest Version Step by Step Guide!

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It makes sense that people try to update the ROM Android for various reasons, and while the risk is great, the potential is enormous.

These software releases, to call them something, are developed by third parties trying to improve the performance of obsolete mobile phones .

How to update my Android mobile ROM to the latest version? Step by step guide!

Custom ROMs are customized software releases that can be downloaded and run on phones that are considered old and whose operating system can no longer be updated.

Among other options we can also find customization levels , which will perform the function of keeping the old operating system as a base and operating from it, providing functional and aesthetic improvements.

Getting them done is a complicated process and requires a lot of patience from the team owner. As well as knowledge on the subject and follow the steps to the letter.

      Why update the Android ROM?

      It's important to be clear about one thing, cell phones, usually low-end ones, tend to get discontinued over the years.

      This is due to the high growth of technology and, with it, the even greater innovation of operating systems, which include more tools, processes and capabilities.

      For this reason, applications or programs in the package start to require better functionality or a minimum version of Android to be compatible.

      What prompted people to buy better devices to keep using their favorite applications and games from the Google Play Store.

      But there will be those who cannot change their device, so they will be forced to flash Android ROM to experience the new changes.

      Install a new ROM on the device

      In many cases, PC owners reside in regions where software and security updates are limited, causing the PC to become obsolete within two to three years.

      Unfortunately every cell phone, depending on the make or model, has a different way to update the Android ROM. Although there are always a number of general guidelines that must be followed to the letter.

      Get ROOT access inside the device

      It is essential that the user has full permission to access any location on your phone , including system root files.

      These folders are where it should do the work of ROM swap , so it would be very difficult if you didn't have access to these paths.

      Obtaining it, although it seems like something from another world, is actually very easy. There are many applications that speed up this process and allow the owner of the equipment to fully access the operating system folders.

      Unlock the bootloader of the mobile

      Similarly, in order for the internet user to update the Android ROM, it is required unlock the Bootloader , which is the first file loaded when the device is turned on.

      In several models it is locked to protect the operating system from the curious hands of owners. But some developers let you unlock it easily.

      Although, in some cases, for some users this situation will be more complicated, since other models do not make this task so easy.

      Install Android recovery mode

      Recovery mode works for make changes before the system fails boot completely, Android has its own default of this tool.

      To enter Recovery or Download mode, the phone must be turned off and simultaneously press the volume down key and the power key. There is also an alternative in case any of the power buttons are damaged.

      However, in order for the user to perform its task, he needs to install another third-party developed version with additional features (TWRP, CWM Recovery).

      Download the desired ROM and copy it to your mobile

      This is the easiest part of the whole process, because the user just needs to make sure that choose the ROM which suits him best (and which is compatible).

      In the end, you just have to copy it to your mobile , preferably in the SD memory or inside the internal memory if you have enough space.

      Install the new ROM from third-party recovery mode

      Depending on the model that the person has, the process is always different. In it, the system partition will be deleted, which will be replaced by the new one.

      It is important for the user to follow the official steps to letter and without skipping anything , as it can endanger the integrity of the equipment.

      This way, and when installation is complete, the computer owner will have removed it forever the version . Android default and internal data.

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