How to update Raspberry Pi to the latest version with Raspbian? Very easy!

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Users of this operating system they always want to keep up to date and are constantly looking for ways to update Raspberry Pi to the latest version. While having a miniature computer sounds clichéd that we can only see in movies, Raspberry Pi makes it possible.

This is a model announced in mid-2012 and is intended for those who are passionate about the world of information technology.

How to update Raspberry Pi to the latest version with Raspbian? - Very easy

Like other computers, it is capable of carrying out tasks and running content through a card smaller than the palm of your hand .

Like any other device, improvements, new features and fixes were announced during its creation that require an update to install them on the system.

There are many functions you can give your Raspberry Pi computer, one of the most popular among gamers is being able to turn it into a portable console.

      Tutorial for upgrading to the latest version of Raspberry Pi

      When we talk about Raspbian, we are referring to the operating system this little computer has, based on the principles and commands of Linux.

      It is characterized by being open source, so that the user can shape the content and development of the computer to their liking.

      Requirements for downloading and installing updates

      Clearly, the important thing is to have one of the Raspberry Pi versions that contains a memory card microSD with at least 4 GB of space available for storage, although a larger one is preferable for backing up information.

      You will also need to be near a power source that has a micro-USB connection and an HDMI cable to view the proceedings on television.

      As a last requirement to update this card to the latest version, you must be connected to the Internet.

      To start, access the command console as the main user of the board and proceed by entering the following line: " sudo apt-get --y update ".

      With this command you will indicate the repository request of your card, i.e. you will update the content of the offers available to it. In this line the “ -y ” to apply a “ Yup ”As an automatic response to requests for updates.

      Once the content has been updated, you should re-enter the command " sudo apt-get --y update " and let it start updating your programs to the latest version.

      The speed of this procedure will depend on the quality of your Internet connection, so please be patient.

      When done, type " uname -r " in the command console to check the version number of the installed kernel.

      From now on, you will start updating your Raspberry Pi board to the latest version, which you will achieve by entering the command " sudo rpi-update ".

      Automatically, you will be logged into GitHub to study the available content in the catalog and then download/install the latest releases.

      Each of these things will be stored in your internal storage. In the end, you just have to restart the little computer to be able to apply the downloaded changes.

      If you wish, you can re-enter the command " uname -r " to check the version of Raspbian you have installed.

      Manage updating your Raspberry Pi to the latest version via Linux!

      Another option to keep your profile constantly updated is through the Linux terminal , locally or connected directly to the desktop.

      Using the following commands and connected to the Internet, type the following lines:

      Each must start with the phrase " sudo apt ", followed by the command to execute. In this same sequence you must enter it.

      • " updating ".
      • " dist-upgrade ".
      • " clean ".
      • " restarts ".

      As in the previous method, you will need to restart your device when finished to apply the installed changes.

      In these two ways you can keep the latest versions of this board installed, to enjoy and get the most out of the Raspberry Pi.

      The most well-known and popular latest update for Raspberry Pi is Raspbian Buster, this new update brings with it many improvements like. For example, being able to manage 2 monitors at the same time; you can get this update without worrying about losing your old data.

      Once you've managed to upgrade your Raspberry Pi computer, you just need to figure out how to install the operating system of your choice.

      If you are a fan of computers and have extensive knowledge of them, surely the Raspberry Pi will be an interesting choice for you; But if you want more information on what's on the market, it's important to know what are the best types of computer motherboards.

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