How to update Spotify to the latest free version? - Step by step

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Surely most people will agree on how good it is listening to music after a very stressful day. There is a song for every moment of life, good or bad, listening to them allows you to identify with them, right?

A good song can bring calm and relaxation within minutes, everything will seem fleeting in that moment. Spotify gives you this experience, as simple as locating the desired song and put your headphones on, it will be you and your music.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a computer program in streaming that allows you to play a wide variety of music thanks to servers dedicated to streaming, in addition to this you can download music, songs and podcasts. This application of Swedish origin was launched on the market in October 2008.

It was initially only available in Europe, which changed in 2009 when it became available for other countries. In fact, it's available in 65 countries whose statistics last year show 217 million people are users.

How to update Spotify to the latest version for free?

This time we will show you how easy it will be to update your free version of Spotify, for Android, iOS or computer. Be very careful to catch all the tics that will be presented and to have the latest version to keep enjoying yourself.

Update on Android (automatic or manual)

To have Spotify automatically update on your Android device, just follow the steps we will give you below.

Step 1

You need to log into the app service of the Google Play Store . There, go to the three horizontal lines symbol to get the options menu to make changes.

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Step 2

Find the option "Adjustment" in the setup menu and select. When the options window appears, you need to select "Automatically update applications".

Step 3

Within the options it is necessary to select whether you want the update to be performed only with Wi-Fi connection or with data use.

Manual update

To manually perform this update procedure for the latest version, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1

Go to the Google Play Store app service, look for the three horizontal lines symbol on the screen and select.

Step 2

When you exit the previous selection window, click "My applications and games" , where we will have access to "Updates".

Step 3

Inside the updates window look under "Pending Updates" where you will find the Spotify app and you can select "Update".

Update on iOS (automatic or manual)

If you want the app to automatically update for your iOS device, follow these steps:

Step 1

On your device screen, select the "Settings" option, then look inside to select "iTunes and App Store".

Step 2

In the adjustment panel of "iTunes and App Store" where you can find the "Automatic Downloads" section.

Step 3

Check if the "Apps" option is activated this way, your apps will update automatically, including Spotify.


To perform the procedure to manually update the Whatsapp Spotify to its latest version, proceed as follows.

Step 1

From your iPhone or iPad screen, enter the App Store to access the necessary options.

Step 2

In the lower left corner you will find the option "Updates" that you must select to access it.

Step 3

There you will find "Pending Updates" where you should look for the Spotify app and if it is available click on "Update".

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Update on your computer

This time we will teach you how to update the latest version of Spotify on your Windows computer.

Step 1

Search for the application Spotify on the desktop, April and log in as usual.

Step 2

You can see an arrow next to your user "v" , this may have a blue dot, you have to click on it.

Step 3

In the list of options that emerged, select "Update available" where it will actually be updated. The application must then be restarted for the changes to take effect. If you want to know how to watch the lyrics of your songs on Spotify while listening to them read the following article.

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